Our God He Reigns

'It's obvious, of course, that he didn't go to all this trouble for angels. It was for people like us, children of Abraham. That's why he had to enter into every detail of human life. Then, when he came before God as high priest to get rid of the people's sins, he would have already experienced it all himself—all the pain, all the testing—and would be able to help where help was needed'. Hebrews 2:16-18, The Message. I love the interpretation of this verse in The Message.  It is obvious; it is clear.  Jesus was not crucified for angels.  He was not resurrected for these heavenly beings.  If He were, there would have been no need for Him to experience human suffering; to know earthly pain.  It would have been entirely unnecessary for Him to come into this world, vulnerable and small.  No, He came for us.  For you.  He endured all that He did so that we could experience eternal life.

We serve a master who knew what it was to serve.  He was a friend, a teacher, a brother and a son.  He was tested, He was tempted.  He experienced humiliation, betrayal and loss.  He knew what it was to be rejected.  All that we might go through, He understands.  He has cried with us in our grief and He has suffered with us in our deepest pain.  It was all for us.  He is not a distant God, faraway and out of reach.  He is compassionate and kind; He is near to us always.

We serve a God who reigns.   He died and He rose and He lives.  We serve a God who loves; who is Love.  We serve a God who provides.  We serve a God that heals.  We serve a God who chose to sacrifice himself for our sakes - for OUR salvation. Who loves us so eternally; so endlessly that He chose to suffer with us; to suffer for us.  He chose to experience for himself, every aspect of human life.  He understands.  He cares.  He lives.

So when you pray, know who is listening.  A loving Father, who knows what it is that you're feeling; who has experienced all that you are going through now.  Speak with Him openly and honestly.  Never fear that you are not good enough.  He did not go to all this trouble for angels.  He did it for you.

About the Author: I'm Ruth. I am a Christian girl, married to Gary and a mummy to two beautiful children.  As a family, we are part of Kerith Community Church.  I work part time as a nurse and enjoy singing, writing and wearing pajamas (not to work).  I would love to speak publicly about God one day, so I am working on overcoming my fear of walking up stairs in heels.

My childhood was difficult and my teenage years were eventful.  Mess Into Message is all about my life now, my life then and what I have learned along the way.  My hope is that in (over)sharing my story, others might be encouraged and inspired.  I am still very much on a journey and I have a feeling it's going to be a interesting one. But I am expectant and excited to discover what God has planned for me.