Of Dreams & Courage & Such

While on a recent trip to California, Hub and I saw the new movie 'The Help' with his mom. I must say I liked it. I must say it inspired me. Must say it moved me. The way one girl saw something and had the courage to follow her dreams in way that would bless others. It got me to thinking about dreams and hopes and aspirations and all those yummy things a lot. A lot. How do little kids always know what they want to be when they grow up?! They have their high hopes of conquering the world and doing great adventures in it. Then something happens between high school and growing up and getting jobs and becoming responsible adults.

{Disclaimer. This is NOT a plug for lazy adults who live on rainbows and butterflies and big pipedreams. 'Nuf said. Ahem.}

How do we loose that childlike dreaming spirit of adventure?! How do I?! Somewhere along the line, did I quit believing I could? That God might have a special story for me? Quit believing that I might touch someone's life in a way that He made for only me to do?! Am I too busy scurrying here and there that I miss the opportunities that are under my nose?

So there I was in California. No job. No car. No friends at my beck and call. It's almost like God put me in that little corner with my Husband, my Bible, my trusty laptop and a handful of dreams that wouldn't stop dancing around my heart and mind.

The question is will I, everyday, have the courage to reach out and chase those dreams for His glory alone?!

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