Obsession good or bad? Well, that Depends...

Obsession good or bad? For is it bad to obsess about the right things in life or can too much of a good thing always lead to a detriment to your existence. More obvious then that is that obsession starts with one simple idea, and idea that leads to action, which leads to daily deposits, which leads to results, which leads to the overall attainment of that goal. Are you obsessed with something, or are you just alright at a few things or activates? Its not till you chose a skill, profession, talent and develop those skills that will put you ahead of the rest of our population. Lets face it, the majority of our population is content with the day to day grind, the proverbial hamster wheel of life, but the ones that go the farthest in this world are the individuals that constantly strive and thrive for their goals. For myself, I was put here to help others to be the best they can be and NO THIS IS NOT THE ARMY!! But understand that is just one small idea on my overall purpose in life, but it does not explain how I do it or what goals I need to make or obstacles I will need to conqueror. Just a small simple idea, like in the movie "Inception," where the idea of one individual placing a small idea in a persons mind through there dreams. There is no need to understand the concept of the movie, but what the take away from my experience was that this "tiny" thought or idea could change a destiny or future.

Even the most sturdy tree started with a small almost insignificant occurrence of an acorn. WATCH-OUT FACTOID: The tallest tree in the world is the Sequoia redwood in the redwood forest of California, it has grown to the height of 379.1 feet. To put into perspective, a football field counting the end zones is 360 feet, now that’s a BIG FREAKING TREE!! Nevertheless, that ginormous tree started as a tiny little insignificant acorn on the ground and like an idea it grew a little everyday, and after a series of years and months and even decades, that tree grew to that large and most significant height. Did the tree take a break from growing, did it say, “I don’t really want to be that tall” or “I don’t want to stand out from the other trees, because they might be jealous and call me names” or “maybe I might take sunlight from the other trees and that’s just not right.” Of course not that is ridiculous, I know that is the point.

Just like the idea you obsess about it takes time, treasure and practice to see the fruits of your hard labor. As I asked before, is obsession good or bad? Was not Thomas Edison obsessed with creating new useful inventions, was not Martin Luther King obsessed over a dream, was not Albert Einstein obsessed with laws of special relativity, was not Bill gates, was not Abraham Lincoln, was not, was not. I ask again, is being obsessed about the right concepts and ideas good or bad? I'm living under the delusion of wanting to live out a philosophy of the golden rule, “do on to others as you want them to do on to you,” or quest for purpose in the pursuit of helping others can only be beneficial in nature, RIGHT?!? I'm obsessed about writing daily, I am obsessed about incorporating fitness into my life, I am obsessed about inspiring others to make positive changes, I am obsessed about being a blessing onto others, and with that comes a delusion brought to me by my lord and saver.

What are you obsessed about? Is it good or bad? Are the activities/rituals you do on a daily basis taking you closer too or farther from you major objectives in life?

Lets do a small activity and we will wrap up today's post:

Answer the questions below as carefully and thoughtful as possible

1. What do you value most in life? (examples: happiness, peace of mind, helping, teaching, adventure, etc) 2. What is one thing you could do on a constant basis that would bring you those most valuable things in your life? (That would help benefit mankind and yourself.) 3. What is one action you can take today that gets you one step closer to that valued item/feeling/person/job/etc.? 4. What is a week, month, one year and 5-10 year goal you can make? (Do one for each, this is for your benefit) 5. What are 3 things you can do to overcome obstacles and setbacks? (Because there will be some along the way, guaranteed!)

Now play around with these questions and find your tiny obsession to nurture into fruition.

Keep these goals in front of you daily, and I mean everywhere because we all have great memory’s but they are just awfully short. Every man started that journey with a small step, because believe me motivation comes from doing. So do it and be excited, this is your life and you deserve the best, do not let anyone tell you different. Your heavenly father put you here to do something significant and amazing, go after it and welcome setbacks with open arms. This is because when you overcome them on a consistent basis a little bit more confidence will be poured into your spirit, and motivation grows deeper.

Be, Do, and then Have…and for goodness sakes have some fun! Till tomorrow, live with love, hope and faith because you are magnificent.

About the Author: My purpose in life to help as many people as possible realize there full potential, with the clean, positive and influential lessons from the past. I'm a firm believer that if it has been done before, the you or me with a little disciple and teaching can do the same things. Have determination, have dedication, be goal oriented and most importantly follow God, and you will have everything in this world you want. Like Zig Ziglar said "you can really have everything in this world you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want.” That is because true happiness comes when you do for others, and if you learn one thing from these time tested strategies then I have fulfilled my purpose. Success indeed leaves clues, model them and follow them, and god will reward you for your efforts. This is about you, “for the greatest among you must become the servant of all,” and I’m a servant to one and to all. Sharing lessons of old to anyone willing to use them. You can find me on the web at http://dailylivinggodsway.blogspot.com/