Numbers, Not Just For Counting

I am finding out that Numbers is not just a book of numbers. There is a lot more to it that taking the census of the tribes of Israel. It is full of rich stories of God's provision for His people. It seems to be that Israel may have had a learning disability of some kind. They complained, God provided, they went too far, people got swallowed up by the earth... or worse. The people of Israel were even provided for and protected when they had no idea it was going on. King Balak summoned Balaam to curse the people of Israel before they could conquer Moab. I haven't done a lot of studying on this, but I am eager to do so. After reading these chapters ( Numbers 22, 23, 24 ) It does not sounds like Balaam is one of God's prophets, I didn't even read anything that led me to think that Balaam even believed in God. He was a diviner. which I am pretty sure is some kind of hocus pocus stuff. But God spoke to Balaam and instead of cursing Israel, he blessed them 3 times!

God's hand was on Israel, He provided for them. God still provides, my husband was laid off before Christmas, and has since found another job, but at 20,000 dollars less a year. That is a lot of money, and a lot of extra stuff has been cut out of our budget. But our needs are still met, and even some of our wants. It is easy to complain about the the loss of income, or because we can no longer afford whatever we want on a whim. It is easy to overlook God's provision of another job and complain that the salary isn't as much as we are used to. The hard part is trusting, and we are doing it in faith because we can look back over the last couple of years and see many times that God had His hand on us, protecting and providing. And I am certain there are times that we are not even aware of, just like with Balak, Balaam and the Israelites.

Angie Smith is a homeschooling WAHM of 5 kids. She gave her life to Christ in OCT 2008 and has been active in ministry since, serving as Worship leader, secretary, teacher and occasional floor mopper at her church. She loves Jesus and is inspired to share her stories of believing, worshiping and leading. Visit Angie on the web at