Noticing a glimpse

This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.Psalms 118:24

glimpses; this morning i headed out to an appointment, at a stop sign i am third in line when the first car stalls i ponder (nope i wasn't frantic...hehe) so i ponder & remember the set of jumper cables that are in the trunk of my car... i am sitting there trying to talk myself into being late for the appointment when the truck in front of me with an elderly gentlemen pulls to the side of the road to let me by and gets out and starts walking up to help the younger gentlemen... as i pull around the truck the elder man and i make eye contact at that moment, i nod at him and smile my most warmest smile, in my mind thanking him for reaching out, for shining his light, extending his hand & showing his compassion to the younger man in need- as i drove away to the appointment i thought to myself maybe that was a glimpse of God could that elder man be entertaining an angel? i do not know but, i do know that as i drove away i smiled to myself and thought that i had just witnessed someone showing how to shine his light... a glimpse of an angel, possibly i know i left feeling that i had witnessed a glimpse of goodness here on earth

every day we have that chance, that choice to shine our light to show others how we love sometimes it is as simple as what i witnessed... may we all have a chance to shine today don't miss that opportunity to either stop and shine or to appreciate and recognize someone else showing their love and shining their light and thank them!


I am a wife, mom, fairly new ‘granny’ and child of God. i am a two time breast cancer survivor. my husband and i own and operate that dairy farm he grew up on. i love the Lord with all my heart! i love to write poetry and blog about my family, my faith and random things in my life. life is good and God is great!

melody olson