New Shoes

One of things that used to be a BIG concern for me was 'looking good', having great clothes (often way more than I could afford), great hair, great shoes. Unfortunately there wasn't ever too much money left in my bank account after all that spending, then of course kids came along and I had to venture into, yes, Kmart (Yes I was a snob!) and worse I actually had to go into an op shop (double snob). But one of the ways I really have changed since becoming a Christian is the way I use my money. I actually really love Op Shopping now (the kids do too!). I hardly ever buy anything new like I used too and I'm ok about it! Even last week I found myself day dreaming thinking 'Gee I really would like a new pair of shoes for summer' . Without another thought I got on with the normal daily stuff like washing (I seem to do a lot of that) then a few minutes later my lovely mother in law turned up on the doorstep with a shoe box with the most beautiful pair of shoes exactly my size. Apparently she had ordered them online and they didn't fit so she thought of me.

Now, yes, you may be thinking that was just a coincidence and yes it was a shallow prayer indeed. But more and more I'm discovering that God provides from the 'shallow' pair of shoes to the BIG life shaping events in our life and I choose to believe that even the pair of shoes that arrived on my doorstep that day was a gift from him.

How have you been 'amazed' by the way God provides? Big or small please share your story!

If you're in doubt of His promise to provide all that you need for the journey, check out  Matthew 6:25-34

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