my testimony

On the 26 of January 2008 I received Jesus Christ as lord and savior and was baptized and after a spirit filled experienced at church that Sabbath, I was joyous and happy that I completely turn over to Jesus Christ and accept him as lord and savior of my life. I have not regretted making that decision because of the hope and abundant life that I have found in Christ. During my years of growing up I did not fully understand who Christ is even though I attended a church, I was engaged in acts that were contrary to God and his words and it made my life miserable as I was far from God and engage myself in sinful lifestyle until the day Jesus Christ set me free I truly found the happiness within and realize my purpose for living. It was when I founded the Bath Seventh Day Baptist Church through the Daily Vocational Bible School held in August each year. Eventually I started attending the church, I believe that was where God wanted me, during my first experience I was introduce to the Bible as a child. During these years I receive God’s word through various bible studies such as Sabbath school but still did not fully grasp the understanding of God’s word. I decided to accept Christ as my lord and savior at the age of twelve. This decision was made because persons were asked at a bible study if they want to be baptized so I agree but I did not fully understand the gospel message and different Christian teachings but as time goes by it was made clearer to me. The church sponsored me to attend the annual junior camp held in Jamaica Seventh Day Baptist at the camp site. my experience at the annual junior camp also help me in this process as it creates in me a passion for Christ and his calling. I attended in August 2007. This experience at camp strengthened my decision and gave me a passion for Christ. The activities at camp were geared towards helping young people to grow spiritually and to create the passion for serving God as young people. After my inspiring experience I felt myself ready to serve God to be committed to Him and his words. During this period I was engaged in baptismal counselling at my church because of my previous decision to be baptized and to serve God as a result of these sessions I was fully aware of the true meaning of baptism and all my previous concepts about this joyous experience was change. I was help during this period through the pastor  and the Deacon about God and his requirement and through several Christian literature given to me really help me to know more about God thanks to the Bath Seventh Day Baptist Church who help me a lot in my spiritual growth and I am grateful to pastor Garfield Miller and Deacon Stewart who took the time to guide me in the salvation process and through bible studies at church I continue grow in God’s word. In the process of surrendering my life to Christ I agree that I will live by faith in Christ to the end. This process and accepting Christ as brought Jesus into my life in a new relationship that I have never experienced before. The bible came to life with understanding and my life as take on a brand new beginning and meaning. Today, I know that God as reconciled my life by Jesus Christ my lord, savior and friend. In Christ, Roshaine J. Phillips I am a member of the bath seventh day baptist