Ministering Angels

Scripture says Angels are “ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation” It’s found in Hebrews 1:14. My husband and I were boating and spent the night at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. It was windy the morning we left and the tide was running fast. We were being pushed away from the dock as I was handling the lines for us to get underway. I left the stern line till last and fumbled a bit too long untying it. The wind was against our maneuver and the stern was moving away too fast for me to jump onto the boat. I was left standing on the dock holding the stern line. If I had been able to throw the line into the boat, my husband could have just come around and picked me up. If I dropped it, the line could get caught up in the prop. The opening on the deck rails where we get on and off the boat was already too far away for me to use. So…as I heard my husband yell, hurry up, I made a spontaneous decision and jumped toward the only part of the boat that was near enough for me to catch. I made a mad leap and found myself grasping the metal railing toward the bow of the boat and hanging there like “a fresh catch of the day”.

Up till then, my husband didn’t realize the predicament I had gotten into. He tells me I was just hanging there when he looked over the starboard side from the bridge above. I knew I had to get on the other side of this rail and into the boat because my strength was weakening. The railing on this part of the boat is bowed outward, making this effort even harder. All the while, I was still hanging onto the stern line.

As I made an attempt to pull myself up to put my feet on the deck, before lunging headfirst into the boat, I stopped halfway through, unsure that I had enough strength left. That’s when it happened!!!

I felt myself being propelled up, over the rail, and onto the deck—feet first. What an exhilarating experience that was! I will never forget the feeling of weightlessness as I sailed through the air.

Boating may be an adventure in itself, but walking with God adds a whole new dimension to the journey.

About the Author: DSC00108My name is Kay. I've had a few professions over the years and am adding writing to my resume. My latest work is a Christian fiction book and I'm almost finished with the edits. A few fun facts about me: Miss Minneapolis, Professional Model, Professional Singer, National Champion Autocross Racer. You can find me on the web at