Meet Mike: Blogger at Life of us and Saints

Can you tell us a little about you and your testimony? My testimony is comparing things in the bible, and things god teaches to us and comparing it to things in life. I also preach about saints, and there lives compared to ours. And other times I write about things that happen in our daily life.... I often try to quote from the bible and Explain things from there.

When did you start blogging? How did you get started?

I started to blog back in May. I remember my first post, about Blessed Pope John Paul. i started by getting inspired by other people who were blogging. And how they explain things about God.  I also got Inspired by wanting to become a priest.... so i wanted to share my passion. and teach others about God.

How did you come up with the name of you blog?

I came up with the name Life of us and Saints by getting inspiered by the saints and how they live, i saw a similarity between saints and us now.... like St Francis, he had a rich family and lived in that rich department of life... but he chose to leave all of that and follow God. Like God wants us to. Money is only an object. not a God.I wanted to compare humans and saints...

What is your goal with your blog?

My Goal for my blog is to teach others about God. I wants to share my knowledge and help others to turn back to God and help them in there lives.

How do your incorporate your faith in your blog?

I incorporate my Faith by  taking quotes from the bible and explaining them. I use what i know and going back to the basics in the bible ( like how a priest dress) at the end of most blog posts i have a little prayer that starts off with May God... and either thank God or ask god for something.

Do you have any bloggers you look up to or that have really encouraged you in blogging?

Two bloggers that have encouraged me are  chelle at Reformed rebel and lisa at A moment with God.... i don't know them in person... but they have great blogs!

How do you balance life and blogging?

I balance life and blogging by setting a goal each week on how many posts i want to that week... it is hard because i am in school, but i try to work on it as much as i can. or after i hear the reading at church i will come home and write about them :)