Lovers of the Light

Dear Readers,

Today I had a thought that really needs to be spoken and an encouragement that needs to be offered.

Just because I struggle with lust doesn't and will not stop my love and fight for purity.

Just because you struggle with sin - doesn't change your qualifications to love something that is good. In fact it MORE than qualifies you to fight, because you know what it looks like to be in a dark room.

Lovers of light, I challenge you here: your greatest struggles and your deepest wounds are your greatest ministries.  The more you love the light, the more you fight for it, the more the enemy will fight back.  If you're struggling or being slammed with temptation more than usual, you my friend are getting deeper into Kingdom stuff and hell has been set loose on you.  No matter how many times you fall, keep getting back up and running into the presence and holiness of God.  His grace is sufficient in your mess.

That's my encouragement for you today. I love you all in the love of our Lord,


About the Author: My name is Sarah. I'm a Jesus-lover, people-lover, local missionary, Bible nerd, and passionate about God's heart for His family.  Find me on twitter @Goolahgirl and on the web at