Clap, shout, praise and sing to the Lord! The squall of praise sounded weird in my quiet, early morning kitchen, especially coming from my reserved mouth. I’m not use to such doings. I did it in response to Psalm 47. The noise upset the dog and she started praising God too and had to be let out of the house. Obedience. I picture my goat on the stand with her head locked in the stanchion, calm before her milking. I imagine myself yielding my head, face to face in a lovelock with God. He wants me to be still and let him do his thing on me. And the things are many that he wants to do and it takes a lifetime. But I can’t stand still and make his job easier. I feel delight when my goats offer themselves for milking. Why deny God that pleasure, because my mind and heart are elsewhere, outside of the moment in which he dwells?

Help! Stop it! I tell myself day after day until it becomes year after year. I’m so unfamiliar with grace when it comes to the habit of obedience. It’s an extreme pleasure to God when I slow down and willingly put my head into the lock and wait for his touch. He especially enjoys it when I look him right in the eye, because I’m beautiful to him.

Debbie Young

I'm a person of faith, an artist with ADHD and a newbie farmer. My husband and I raise Kinder goats, chickens and hogs and tend a small orchard and garden. On my blog entitled Faith, Art & Farming, I explore these aspects of my life through frequent, short posts including original stories, poems, drawings, sculpture, photographs and good words. I seek to integrate faith and art with everyday life.

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