Logos Divine


Within your home you have a key To wealth and riches deep. Yet count we not, its value low Cut-rate, substandard, cheap? For worth indeed is never priced The display to impart. But only by the treasure held Within our inner heart. On special days, we mention of Religion and such things. But distant, vague, and far from mind Is He, our King of kings. His Word a Light unto our path To guide us to His feet. And yet, alas, we pack our time Instead of with Him meet. His Presence near is rarely found Within a Facebook post, Or pastor’s words, or media, Or television’s hosts. We wonder why the truth we hear Does nothing to relieve The gnawing fright, the worried dread, The dismay we conceive. For these, with interruptive noise, Can ne’er His calm replace. Our healing comes with quiet rest And waiting on His grace. The written Word, the Living Word, Together they unite To smelt away our fears, our qualms And Hope inside ignite. If speak we thus, “His Word is true!” Shall not Him well we know? That inner Word and outer Word May meet and cause a glow. To burn the dross of selfish thoughts, With brilliance of His worth. Our limelight craving “I” and “me” Bows lowly in its dearth. The written Word within our laps Doest open to our soul The pow’r of our inheritance — His Life-seed to unfold. This simple act, to draw apart, And shut away the din Increases faith and hushes still Flesh urging us to sin. His Name: The Word. The Word: Our life. We cannot thus neglect. This daily wine, this banquet feast With view to Him connect. Implanted Word, You live within Your spirit now resides Within me deep, so grant me this Love for Your Word abide. Please open eyes, Logos divine, O cleanse and sanctify. Our understanding motivate. Seed, grow and multiply! Perform Your work as we believe Upon Your Truth divine. May we regard Your Living Word Our help and true plumb line. Oh, help us Lord to set our minds, Distractions are not few. Attention’s battle now is fierce This devil’s war — not new. So fit us now with armor strong, The combat we confess. O give us now Your belt of truth, And plate of righteousness. As on we march, please size our feet With peace upon our tread. Praise for faith’s shield. Salvation’s too — The helmet on our head. Now dressed as ready warriors, Just one more thing we need. Not purebred, stamping stallion Or mighty rushing steed. We beg Your Word upon our belt — Your sword of Logos steel. That daily we will sharpen iron Despite emotion’s feel. If right now in this skirmish, Lord We practice not this thrust, Of Spirit’s sword in breezes fair We’ll not survive the gusts. Rekindle now within in us, God, The diligence to see The value of Your Living Word Now written here for me.

Written By: Kandy Persall

Originally from West Texas, Kandy Persall spent twenty years with her family as foreigners in Asia. An avid writer, Kandy has written devotional guides as well as contributed to both volumes of Beth Moore’s books Voices of the Faithful. In 2012, Kandy published her first full length book, Hungry For More: Feasting through the Word - a compilation of her quiet time notes while living overseas. She continues to share her journal twice a week on her own website, Hungry For More. Kandy and her husband, Mark, are currently finishing up a second book regarding Marital Intimacy.