Living it Out

Do our actions match what we proclaim? We sometimes say one thing but end up doing another? Maybe all the time?

Being a Christian is not an easy task. Many times the grass does seem more greener on the other side. That's when we look to Jesus. We didn't choose this path with Christ for benefits here on earth. We didn't make that commitment to make life easier and more pleasurable here in this world. We did it for a higher reason. We did it for the future of our souls and for the joy and peace that we can expect there in our home in Heaven.

So then why can't we skip this life on earth and just jump to Heaven? Chances are you already know this answer. Everybody's heard it and every body talks about it. But if we really understood the reason of our existence on this earth - to the share the Gospel - then why aren't we stepping up and doing it?

Yes, we may do something here or there. Yes we may say "God loves you" once, twice or even a dozen times a week, but there's more we can do then just saying it. We can act it. If we really believed God loved the world, then would we even hesitate to love our enemy? If we really believed God had the power to perform miracles, then wouldn't we be laying hands on the sick? If we really believed that God was coming back soon and that there was no time to lose, then wouldn't we be sharing the Gospel even as I am writing?

I'm not saying I'm perfect. This is something I have to tell myself everyday. I fail and I doubt and I laze around the house doing nothing all too often. But God is calling us, this generation, us youth, to rise up and lift our voices. He is calling us to be laborers in His fields and plant the seeds and water the soil.

Sitting in the church pews being fed by God's powerful Word and worshiping Him with other Christians is all good and well. I'm not saying you can't be fed and uplifted too, but during those other six days of the week it is important to bring the Gospel to the world. We are uplifted so that we might uplift others. We are fed and strengthened so that, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, we might help strengthen and encourage others.

You can do it at your school, job or even on the streets of your city. You don't have to be talented or have lots of money. But you do have to have a willing heart and yielding spirit. And remember, sometimes actions do mean more than words. So remain strong in your faith, always drawing closer to God and letting His light shine in you, because if we took the time to remember why we are here on this earth... then we would realize it is for such a purpose as to be those laborers in the Harvest.

"...The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest."

Luke 10:2 (KJV)

Will you be a laborer for Jesus?

About the Author: My name is Jaydina. I'm a simple girl of nineteen. Maybe a little crazy at times and maybe a little lazy too (sometimes). Haha. I'm all for Jesus and He is my first Love. To me, life without Him is no life at all. I'm no fancy uptown girl. I'm no gold seeker or dreamer of the "high life". To be honest I'm quite the opposite. Simple... simplicity. I was born in this beautiful Big Sky country and traveled across North America a time or so. I've seen some of the most desolate places and met some of the most kindest of people. Sure I'm young but I guess you can say I've already been through a lot in life; the good, the bad and the ugly. The road in life can be tough, difficult and even seem hopeless at times. But I know that with Christ I will get through any valley and past any darkness. I know that as long as I let Him lead, there is hope and a way. I wouldn't change my life for anything and if I had the opportunity to change the past... frankly I wouldn't. God has put me where I am for a reason and to change His will for my life is changing who I was destined to be. :) ...And in short... that's me! You can find me on the web at