Life Is Not Perfect But It Is Proportional

In life there’s nothing to be perfect of. Rich and poor have the same experienced in sorrows and in joy yet approaches are different. Let’s say I’m rich, I can buy all the materials things anytime I want. But there are some situations that need to face; 1. Health problem- because rich people do where they go to eat like in restaurants, fast food chain. The kinds of these foods contain lots of fats though it’s really look and taste delicious but still it is dangerous to health. Next, rich people are drug users, drunkard and smokers. We all know that too much abuse of the body can cause disease like cancer. The same is happening to the poor, although they can not eat expensive food but too much salty intake like “dried fish” and lack of protein” meat” can cause also diseases.

2. Keep on saying “I am busy”- It is good to keep on doing the things that you like especially, a kind of work which is a source for your bread and butter. Yet, our body demands to enjoy and relax for a while and bear in mind that there are people who needs you to be with, to talk with and laugh with. Busyness is an idea to become a perfect person instead to become a better person. You may choose between the two if you aim to be perfect, your life is miserable but if you want to go for a better being, your name will be staying in people’s hearts.

3. Self Centered “I want you to do this”- In a family usual conflicts happens between parents and children in some situation of life for instance, a parents can afford to support their child in college it is expensive and high standard university but the child don’t have freedom to choose his/her course. Only parents can decide for their child’s profession because parents want their own happiness.

4. Tyrant “Slavery of the poor”- Like what happen in communist country but also this is happening to democratic country, that some people have no rights to use the natural resources because there are selected people in the position of the government who controls it for their own goodness. And we all know that God created this universe for all of us. Powerful people think that the poor is always slave that they have no rights to live in a comfortable life.

So, I realize that the most important things in this world is giving good value of yourself through rendering the services for other’s need and in order to eliminate discontentment but rather to embrace freedom. Thinking of others is one way to forget the busyness, Self centeredness and Tyranny.

Author Bio: Jeanine Maningo is a singer/musician that also loves to cook Filipino foods and write personality development blogs. You can visit her personality development blog at