Letting Go for God is Hard

If you where hanging off a cliff screaming for help and heard the voice of Jesus say let go would you? Or would you be the Christian who is ever hearing but never understanding; ever seeing but never perceiving and whose heart has become calloused. (Isaiah 6 & Matt. 13) Through his teachings, Jesus encouraged His followers to see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn from their ways, and he would heal them. It is clear what the out come will be when applying this method, however, many Christians choose to follow their own logic and understanding. God sees the end from the very beginning, all we have to do is trust.

In life, we find ourselves suspended over perplexed situations that cause frustration and disappointment which prompts us to call on the Lord. From praying we anticipate and receive answers but choose to hang on oppose to letting go. One element of Christian growth is to learn when to plant and sow; when to take on new tasks; when to hold, let go and let God bring his will and our desires to completion. Another component of growth is to find the true connection with God, increase knowledge, relationship, trust, and faith in Christ which will allow you to make right decisions as well as reap the benefits of joy.

This new concept of walking with Christ is not an easy process. There will be set backs, as well as joy and happiness. During the dry seasons don’t complain about life but find short bursts of elation and continuously building upon it will conquer grief. Joy and sadness cannot coexist in the same space at the same time.

Whatever your ‘cliff in life’ may be, just submit yourself, walk and trust in God! Stop trying to figure it out. If it’s a job, home, relationship, children, or finances, let go of the ledge. Will it be easy? NO but you will make it! God got your back. Find your safety net through God. It will make way for a better relationship with Christ!