Learning To Control Your Thoughs

You can’t have a righteous life without controlling your thoughts. Having thoughts with a pinch of negative attributes contributes nothing but putting you in a situation that negative things sweeps up on your way. That negative way of thinking can stir you up and drift you up into the wrong way of thinking.

  • Have you thought negatively?
  • What did you do?
  • Did you think how you will handle the situations?
  • How can you guide yourself throughout these situations when you think negatively?

Comparing when you’re thinking on the positive side, things will just gone up lightly; like, having God on your side. Let him take all of your burdens and stay at his side. If you keep on hooking to the wrong side of the line, things will not make up for you that way.

Having God in your life brings changes in your life and he’ll guide your way. If you keeping on permitting yourself from evil thoughts remember that in God’s sight you are guilty with those that who indulge in evil acts.

For example, thinking your friend or judging your friend the wrong way, this is completely wrong. You must stand for what is right by thinking and judge them correctly.

In our generation, “foolishness of one’s self is dominant” and the society is acting up in the wrong way (Proverbs 24-9).

They need proper guidance and lead them to the right path by counseling them. It was for the sake of everybody who doesn’t know what they are actually doing.

Let’s start to share Jesus in their lives, willing to sacrifice for their sakes and leads them and everybody into the right path. He will not make you or them think negative thoughts but make you think positively in the right side.

Let’s show them how much Jesus cares for them so that they will not think about negative thoughts that can cause them to stir up leading them on the wrong way.

About the Author: Article by Chris Bradley of Bible Knowledge Ministries where they are dedicated to helping believers get grounded in their walk with the Lord. You can also find him on Bible Knowledge Facebook Page