Upon waking in the morning, what is the first thing we do? Do we grab our iphones, or Blackberries to login to our email, Facebook, or Twitter accounts? Do we run to the computer to do the same? How often do we login to these accounts during the course of our day to see what has transpired? Social media has made it possible to be in constant contact with the people in our lives, even the world, and it gives new meaning to the lyrics of the Disney song, It’s a Small World After All. At one time, information took days even weeks to reach from continent to continent, now it is accessible at the touch of a button, unless you hit a dead zone. One direct line does not contain dead zones, doesn’t know the meaning of missed calls, call waiting, or a voice mailbox, and is open 24/7. This direct line is prayer to God, who has no Blackberry or iphone, and even without internet, can be reached in an instant. He is always available and hears our prayers. (Isaiah 65:24, Psalm 55:17, Psalm 69:33) So, how often do we use our knee-mail?

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Karin is a blogger about the many things that make her say hmmm. Her experience as a daughter, sister, mother, Grammy and Aunt, a 30+-year healthcare professional, a Crossroad Bible Institute Instructor, a designer/maker of Christmas ornaments, a lover of cooking but not baking, and a person who enjoys nature and loves its Creator give her a wealth of topics to ponder and write about.  Check her out on the web at