Keep at it

When everything is going down in your life, and when the "stuff" hits the fan who do you turn to? If everyone were to leave you today, and you were sitting alone pondering on this what would you do? Most people today if you asked them this question wouldn't be so quick to provide an answer to this , and that's totally fine, because by the end of this post I'm going to make you feel secure, and comforted by letting you know that there is someone who is constantly making sure we are taken care of. A force that makes us wake up, and get our day fired up in the right direction. Who instilled us with the qualities of not just GOODNESS, but GREATNESS. God has laid out the people, places, and things needed to uncover his plans for all of us. All we need to do his rip the sheet off! Talking with a dear friend of mine earlier we pondered over the daily struggles that sometimes hinder us in our abilities to stay on the path of righteousness. After just being baptized I believe that I've got to experience first hand what he had been dealing with. We must understand a very simple principle about not just the new believer, or the believerwho spends 90+ hours at the local church. We have to realize were not perfect, and that is OK. Do your very best, and make sure that at the end of the day your still able to look yourself in the mirror with a clear, and loving conscious.

In conclusion I want you to go throughout this week with a level head, and a open heart. Know that our plan is right there set out in front of us. Open it up, and get started.  You don't owe that to anyone else but yourself. I know your road may be hard, and it at times may seem completely hopeless, but toss those feelings aside. The only person that is going to make your situation bad is you. Keep your positive frame of mind, and remember your plan has already been laid out, and it's your time to play it out!

Extra Note:

Thank You to everyone that has inspired me to continue writing my blog. God has worked through all of you, and has shown me that he still has work for me to do.

About the Author: My name is Bryant Cloud. I'm currently residing in central Texas. Currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Religion with a focus on Family Ministry.  You can find me on the web at