Joie De Vivre

One of my chief regrets in raising my flock of five is that I worried too much about doing it well and not enough about doing it with joy. Is there another word that makes your heart lift like that little one? Recently I read a quote from Darwin, the famous atheist, in which he bemoaned that at his old age he couldn't enjoy poetry, art, music, or Shakespeare like he did when young.

When I am 90, I want to giggle with my great grand children as we wiggle our toes in cold, bubbly streams. I hanker for many hikes to the top of green hills and endless stacks of books to devour.

I yearn to sing the "hallelujah chorus", hitting all the high notes and have youngsters say, "how does she sing like that at her age?"

My hero, C.S. Lewis says that "the whole of man is to drink from the fountain of joy . . . like the feeling a child has when he awakens in the morning to realize it is the beginning of summer!"

John Piper maintains that the "chief end of man is to glorify God BY enjoying Him forever." Life sends me hardship, pain, and loss, but I choose not to dwell there.

I am content that "though I do not see Him, I believe in Him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible!" 1 peter 1:8

love, lea

Author Bio I am an empty nester, as all five of my chicks have flown to sow their own seeds. My husband is a prince and a servant. I have been mightily blessed. You can follow me on the web at