Jesus Is The Only Way

When you come to Jesus,How secure will you be? Jesus asked the Father to keep you,* That you may be one in them, you see.

One in the Father is what He desires, That is when you accept Him as truth. To trust in Jesus is what you need, And His word will provide the proof.

Why wait another day, To do the only thing you ought? Yield your life to God the Father, The price required, is what Jesus bought.

When Jesus said,” It is finished,” ** The veil in the temple was rent. You can now go directly to God, Because of the Son God sent.

You no longer need a priest, To speak to God for you. The veil that separated you from God, You can now go through.

In place of the veil, you have Jesus, Who intercedes to God for you. Jesus is the only way, For your prayers, to God, to get through.

* John 17:11, **John 19:30

About the Author: Brady C. Ervin has spent most of his adult life in a continuous study of God's Word. While the help of the Holy Spirit has revealed much, there still is much to learn. You can find him on the web at  (site is under construction)