It's Time To Get Your Feet Wet

After the death of Moses, Joshua was appointed by God to lead the nation of Israel to the land He promised them. God gave him strict orders to obey the law Moses gave him. He stressed the importance of not wavering but to meditate on it day and night. God also told Joshua "to be strong and courageous". He didn't say this once, but twice. The time had come to cross over into the land God promised them. Joshua told his officers to tell the people to get their things together, for in 3 days they are going to cross the Jordan River. The people did as they were instructed and were ready.

Let's think about this for a second. Here is Joshua, appointed by God to lead the nation of Israel to the promise land. God didn't ask him if he would do it. God simply told him, my servant Moses is dead, it's time to step up and step out. I wonder what Joshua was thinking that very moment. Was he thinking of all of the reasons why he couldn't do what God had instructed him? Was he thinking, why me? Who am I to do this? I can't... I'm not ready or I'm not good enough. What's interesting with all of the characters in the Bible is that none of them were really "ready" or "good enough". Once God said it's time to step up and step out, there wasn't any room for doubt. You see, when God says "GO", it stops being about you and is all about what God's going to do through you. Our biggest problem is that once God does something through us, we begin to say "look at me" instead of "look at God". Let's face it. It's never been nor will it ever be about us. Joshua could have thought this way but he chose not to.

Now let's picture this scene. Joshua and the nation of Israel is standing at the Jordan. Oh, let's not forget that it's during harvest and the river is at flood stage. There was no bridge or boat or even a shallow spot for them to cross. Looking at a situation that seems impossible, isn't, when God says "Go". The priests, who carried the Ark stepped into the water and it stopped flowing upstream while the water flowing downstream was completely cut off. The priests stopped in the middle of the Jordan and stood on "dry ground" while the nation of Israel passed by. Once the priests crossed the Jordan, the waters returned to their place and ran at flood stage.

How many times has God told you to "Go" but you were afraid to get your feet wet? How many excuses do you have as to why you can't do the thing that God has placed burning inside of you? God instructed Joshua to do something that seemed impossible at the time. He knew the weight of the task that was given him. That's why God said "be strong and courageous" twice. He also knew that God was in control of it all.

So, are you willing to get your feet wet? Are you going to be willing when God tells you to GO or are you still going to ponder over the excuses of why you can't?

Definitely something to think about....

Joshua Chapter 3

About the Author: My name is Matthew. I'm a husband to a wonderful wife and a father to 4 fantastic children. I am also a musician and currently play bass for the band Soulejoie.