It's The Little Things

The time of day that is my favorite is early morning before anyone else is up. That's the time I like to spend reading my devotions, the Bible and talking with the Lord. One morning in particular, I got up, made some coffee, sat down in the chair and cracked open my Bible and my devotional. The next thing that happened was quite interesting. I started reading my devotion and the strangest sound came out of my mouth. I was a little surprised because it was so unexpected. I shook it off and began again. Another sound came out... and another, and another. Yes, I had the hiccups. These weren't just the occasional bend and twist your pinky/stand on your head and scare yourself to make them go away hiccups. These were one after another continuous hiccups that were so frustrating, I didn't know what to do. I held my breath, counted to 10... you name it, I tried it.

Not able to take it any longer, I got up from my seat, hiccuped my way to the bathroom, shut the door, knelt down and began to pray. My prayer went something like this... "Lord... (hiccup) I'm having a hard (hiccup) time being able to (hiccup) concentrate on my devotion (hiccup) and I'm asking if you would (pause) take these hiccups (pause... smile) from me so I can get through (waiting... smiling) this devotion. Thank you Lord for hearing me."

Staying motionless, I couldn't stop smiling. I was somewhat shocked that the Lord would care so much over something that seemed so small. A little thing to someone else but something big to me at that moment and because it was big to me, it was also big to God.

Time seemed to stand still for that brief moment and it was as if there was no one else present on earth but He and I. With everyone on this earth and everything going on, it felt like he hit the pause button of the world and it was just me and Him. It was "our time".

I finally got up and walked back to my chair. I sat down and began again reading the devotion that I had started numerous times. After completing it, I couldn't get it off my mind what just happened. Then I realized what it was. My devotion for the day wasn't written on this page with the day's date on it. "My" devotion happened all alone, behind closed doors, knelt in prayer.... open and honest with the Lord. These are the "devotions" that you don't forget. The special moments with God.

It's the little things.... I still smile when I think about it.

1 Peter 5: 6 -7

About the Author: My name is Matthew Hill. I have only shared a few things that I have written with people and now want to share them with everyone. I'm a husband, father and also a musician.