It Was Not The Nails

IT WAS NOT THE NAILS Nails were used to pierce His hands and feet,

As the cross was raised on that hill.

Although He was not guilty,

Those with Him watched and stood still.

Jesus could have called for angels

To come and intervene.

He could have asked God His Father,

To stop this crazy scheme.

Jesus knew what He must endure,

To enable you and I to live.

He willingly suffered that day,

All your sins to forgive,

It was not the nails that held Him there,

He could have obtained help from above.

Jesus knew this was the only way,

That we could receive God’s love.

Now He waits for you to decide,

Did Jesus die in vain for you?

Is He waiting for your reply?

Or have you done what you should do?

“Call upon the name of the Lord,

And you shall be saved.” *

Brady C. Ervin

* Romans 10:13

About the Author: Brady C. Ervin has spent most of his adult life in a continuous study of God’s Word. While the help of the Holy Spirit has revealed much, there still is much to learn. You can find him on the web at