Is Missionary Travel for You? Factors to Consider

A mission trip presents a unique opportunity to make an impact globally, something few of us have the opportunity to do on an everyday basis. If you're eager to make your positive impact felt and think a mission trip may be the venue through which you should do so, you must first carefully consider what a mission trip entails to ensure it's the ideal fit for you. Goal

Venturing out on a mission trip is decidedly more taxing than taking an average break. Before you commit yourself to missionary work, consider what you're aiming to achieve. If you're only considering a mission trip as a conduit through which to see the world, it may not be your best option. The type of travel you'll do on a mission trip will be less about exploration and more about working to make a positive impact and spread the word of God. If you do go on a mission trip when your goal isn’t aligned with the purpose of the trip, you may find it less fulfilling and more taxing, reducing your enjoyment of the experience.

Financial Support

Mission trips can be as costly as they are fulfilling. One of the first steps in the mission trip process is figuring out exactly how you'll afford this altruistic travel. Explore your funding options to see what portion of the trip bill you may end up footing. Often, churches will support their parishioners who go on mission trips, covering some of the cost. You may also be able to fundraise additional cash, reaching out to individual church members who are willing to help you realize your dream of setting off on a mission trip.

Proper Precautions

A mission trip is about venturing to a distant land and helping the residents of that land while sharing your faith. Often, you'll encounter illnesses to which you aren’t accustomed and potentially expose yourself to risk of injury. As you begin considering your mission trip options, plan to protect yourself. By purchasing missionary insurance, which will cover your costs should you need medical attention, and spending time exploring the safety precautions you need to take for the area you'll be visiting, you can mitigate your risks.

Mental Preparations

Getting your mind in the right place is a major part of preparing for your mission trip. As you make your plans and arrangements, pray about your decision and think critically about what will be expected of you on this trip. Remember, you aren't heading off on a luxury vacation. On this trip, you'll be expected to work and expose yourself to some risks.

Many missionaries find their work fulfilling and appreciate the opportunity to make an impact on the world. If you're tired of sitting on the sidelines and waiting for change and are ready instead to be the catalyst of positivity in the world, consider a mission trip as an option for you. By carefully weighing all the decisions and considering what a mission trip will mean for you, you can be sure the missionary work for which you think you're suited is actually the ideal fit for you.

About the Author: Holly Vic Hammond is an Indianapolis native who is an active blogger and social media enthusiast in her community. In her spare time, she works closely with her church to help organize and support mission trips. You can find her on the web at