Is Cultural Christianity the New Reformist Movement?

We all know that the reformist movement is almost as old as Christianity. I, being a “reformer,” look at the “get back to the bible” movement a great one! I am troubled to see some changes within our churches today, however. A recent Gallup Poll shows that fifty percent of our country thinks that gay marriage should be legal ( This number is undoubtedly reflected in many churches when you think about the fact that 84 percent of our nation considers themselves to be Christian ( So what I wonder is, is the new reformist movement going to be centered on cultural Christianity? With the push for “tolerance,” and more and more people believing that there are multiple ways to get to heaven, I think that maybe it is. More and more churches are allowing homosexual ministers, and also supporting gay marriage. They undoubtedly will cite parts of scripture that they feel support their claim. Mathew Vines has a popular YouTube video out, and his main idea is that the bible does not condemn homosexuality. While current reformers will no doubt see him as being completely incorrect, many people’s opinions will be shifted by his spinning of the scripture.

As humans we naturally want to rebel, but we also want to have the safety net that the Gospel provides. This is why we see so many people trying to fit God into the neat little box that they have appointed for Him. This is also why you see the rise of churches like the Unity Church. Focusing more on spirituality and love, than the truth of the bible.

Jesus is love; that much is true. A person that really loves Jesus, however, follows His commands. We cannot continually twist the Lord’s Word, to fit into what we want God to be. He is the Alpha and Omega. He created us; we must give him the respect of learning who He really is, and loving Him for it.

About the Author: Christopher Rohloff is just a father and husband trying to make his way through life while walking as close to the path as Jesus did. You can find him on the web at