In the still of the night

When darkness falls we sometimes associate it with evil or "things that go bump in the night." While evil deeds are most often perpetrated under the veil of darkness; as Christians, we can have peace. Knowing that God is always watchful, always with us and keeps us in the palm of His hand, offers the best security system available. Morning prayer and worship with God’s Word is marvelous and needful. However, there is something about those times in the still of the night when God speaks into our lives that is unparalleled.

It’s in the stillness where we can feel God offer comfort, direction and assurance. Whether your night is a trial, or literally a time during the dark of night when you are awaken, its God’s desire to commune with us.

“He knows the plans He has for us,” plans for good and not evil. I would encourage you to rest in God’s peace and love. Receive it for He offers it freely and to whosoever will accept Him as their savior.

He is my knight in shinning armor, in the still of the night and the light of day.

How about you? Has God done something miraculous for you or spoke something into your life in the still of the night?

An editor, journalist and public relations professional now working as a freelance writing professional, Debra loves the written word.

Debra is a Pastor’s wife, enjoying her work as a freelancer writer and blogger. She loves the outdoors and being on the water in a canoe. Debra relishes quiet time, a good book, delicate teas and bold coffees. She says: "Jesus Christ is the center of my life."

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