Hypocrisy is a Christian's Worst Testimony

If there is one thing that people despise more than anything, its a hypocrite. A person who professes all sorts of things with their mouth, but when it comes down to it they are living a life that is completely contradictory to the things they say. I know personally that I've been a hypocrite for quite some time, the first year in a half I was dating my girlfriend I was living a complete lie.

I was a born-again christian, I attended church regularly on Sundays, I made sure to read my bible at least a few minutes a day and we always prayed together before meals. However, behind closed doors in the privacy of my bedroom I would sit and watch pornography, lustfully giving my mind over to the fantasy of other woman.

Not only that, I was often critical of people I was jealous of. I couldn't stand it when people got a better grade then I did so I would subtly make side comments like, "I guess they don't have much of a life" or I would make a comment to lift myself up saying, "Well...their not Christians so oh well."

It was all a feeble attempt to make myself feel better. What I didn't realize was that I was being a total hypocrite. I complained about people who judged when I was the one doing all of the judging, I couldn't stand people who acted immature when I was still an immature little boy at heart, I talked down on people who I 'thought' were bad boyfriends/husbands/girlfriends/wives who I thought were living a lie when I was watching porn and frequenting dating sites behind my girlfriend's back.

Who was the real hypocrite? The guilt you feel when God finally says, "Enough is enough" is a very humbling experience, he did that to me, he pointed his finger down at me and I felt totally embarrassed, ashamed, and in tears...my girlfriend remembers because she was there holding me.

I'm hear to tell you that hypocrisy among Christians is becoming an all too common thing. It shouldn't take very long for most people to think of something they have been a hypocrite on. The worst part about it, many non-believers see this, they see your life, they see your actions, and they associate it with God, and guess what?

If they see you being a hypocrite then it not only makes you look bad, but it reflects poorly on God and just confirms what many non-believers already believe, that Christians are a bunch of hypocrites.

We have to start living the way that we say, the way we believe, and the way we think. Otherwise, everything else really becomes pointless and I think a lot of us might be in for a rude awakening when we meet God. If God calls us to love, we have to really love people, if God calls us to help the poor, then we really need to take that to heart and stop to help those in need, if God calls us not to judge others, then we better stop being so critical of everyone else.

Our most powerful testimony is our life, the things we do, how we interact, how we love (or don't love), how we help others (or don't help), how we discipline our children, and how we live according to God (or don't live according to God) is the only thing that many people will see.

I know a lot of people (including some of my family) that left the church because all they saw was a bunch of christian hypocrites.

We must take the things that God says to heart and act on them. We have two powerful testimonies we can write to the world, one can help bring people to Christ and show them what a beautiful life it is to live according to God's will. The other will push non-believers further from God and will cause far more pain and hurt in our own lives than God ever intended for us.

Which life will you choose?

"In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father." -Matthew 5:16

Do you think pornography is morally right or wrong? What is your personal experience(s) with pornography? Has it affected your relationship? Leave your comments below!

 About the Author: Joseph is father of two wonderful children and his wife Sunny. He is passionate about spreading the word of God through his own personal experiences and regularly blogs for healingfromgod.com.