While preparing for our weekend quests, I mentally checked off each task done to ensure that they felt welcomed and comfortable, and I was pretty pleased with my effort. It was a pleasure not a chore because they are dear friends that we have known for over twenty years.

When The Professor and his lovely wife arrived we had a nice long visit enlivened, as usual, by his witty comments.

They go to bed early because they are early risers, and The Professor was already sipping his morning coffee when my sweetie and I headed to the kitchen to start breakfast.We swapped a few comments and then with a sly grin he said, “I don’t want to alarm you, but there was a frog in the bathroom when I got up this morning.”

What kind of hostess has a frog in the guest bathroom? I was embarrassed and said, “Oh my gosh, did you flush it?”

“Well, I tried, but he hopped out onto the picture above the bowl so I left him there for my bride to find.”

At first I thought the frog came up through the plumbing, (yuk!) but I had left bleach in the bowl that would have probably killed him so how in the world did he get in my upstairs bathroom?

Four great minds worked together in concluding it was a tree frog that had somehow gotten to the attic and from the attic to the bathroom.

Sporting rubber gloves and carrying a glass jar, my hubby went on the hunt, captured the invader and dispatched him to the out of doors.

When breakfast was eventually ready, that story got funnier, but I would have been mortified if any one but the Prof or his dear wife had discovered the frog in the facilities.

On my life’s journey, topping the mountain of self-satisfaction always precedes a valley full of lessons in humility. As we lingered over our morning meal, our friends teased me about a few other chuckles they had at the expense of my pride.

One of those had involved our special son and his sisters.

Because our son is developmentally delayed, his toileting skills were lacking until he was about eight and those hard won skills were blessings I did not take them for granted.

His verbal skills were limited so he would express his need by simply saying, “Shew”.

When I heard him, I stopped everything to make sure he got to the nearest rest room.

This made me edgy when we traveled since he often used the word on a whim and I was left to decide the urgency of the need.

Years later, my daughters confessed that often they were the ones in the back seat mimicking their brother's sound just to see my frantic reaction.

In her journal Mother wrote, “Arrogance (pride) keeps a person from turning to God because arrogance acknowledges no need of help from anyone –human or divine.Pride intensifies all our other sins because we cannot repent of any of them without first giving up our pride.”

It was healing to share the stories of stumbling blocks to my pride and to be able to laugh about them with friends. My confidence is only restored when I remember that though I am far from perfect, I am still loved by the Perfect One and my only hope is to stay close to Him.

About the Author: Ann Cocktale started her blog the year her mother passed away leaving her only daughter two  journals full of the wisdom of a true prayer warrior.  The blog, is where the author shares faith stories and entries from those journals.  She and a childhood friend have just published an ebook entitled, In My Mother's Words which is available on Amazon.