How Bout' Them Apples

You ever had the pleasure of getting your hands on an apple that is” just right”? When you take the first bite into a tasty apple it has that distinct crispness that creates a crunching sound when your teeth pierce its peel. Even better is the sweetness expelled from the fruit that delights the taste buds making it a satisfying meal.

Now to enjoy this type of experience it means that you or someone else happened to have selected the right apple from the right grocery store. But not only that – it also means that this apple was purchased and then bitten into while it was still fresh. The apple you are consuming was not sitting in a crate rotting on a truck somewhere for weeks after having been picked from the tree. Nor did the seller decide to enjoy all of the best apples themselves and then sell the scraps that were leftover. As soon as the apples were picked they presented the “pick of the litter” to the vendor for sale.

Are you handing God rotten apples today dear reader? Whether it’s your time, your money, your prayer life, or even things like your church attendance; does He receive what ever scraps you have left over? Or instead do you think of Him first and offer Him the choice fruit in every area of your life? God deserves our best. He deserves the first fruits from His children and not our “leftovers”.

If you found out that President Obama was coming over to your house for dinner what would your reaction be? Probably to clean the house and have it looking its best; you might go out and buy a new outfit; probably prepare that meal that is your “specialty”? And, perhaps you might even venture to make an apple pie for dessert? If you did you most certainly would not dare use some unwanted rotten apples that have been sitting in your kitchen for weeks. You would use the best apples you could find to impress the President. Why would we treat God any different? In fact, we should treat Him exponentially better and with the reverence the King of Kings most certainly deserves!

If you are not already giving God your best in every facet of your life – let today be the day that you begin doing so. Start looking around the tree of your life for the best looking apples and present them to your Heavenly Father with a sincere heart. The same way He did when all of our souls were in peril. For the bible tells me that when my soul was in need of saving: “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” I figure that if He can give His one and only Son to die for me – the least I could do is hand Him some tasty apples.


1) “An Apple a Day”

We ought to be putting God first every day. He should receive the best fruit of our lives every day of the week.

2) Apple of His Eye

One way to give God the choice fruit of our lives is to live in obedience to His word. If we do that we will certainly find favor in His eyes.

About the Author: My name is Rodney. I have worked in the corporate sector for the past 10 years (mostly in IT), and felt called to write a inspirational Christian based book which I hope to have published. The book is based on personal trials and how we can get through the most difficult times we all face in life.  After writing that book I began looking for ways to market myself as well as begin creating a platform since I am seeking to transition from the "traditional" work arena to the media sector. You can find me on the web at