Hosting a Fun Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are the highlight of a good Easter party, even for adults. It’s just as fun for us, the hiders of eggs, to watch the children scramble about trying to find our secret hiding spots. The hunt is one of the reasons Easter parties are popular and attended by so many guests. Other holidays can be celebrated just as well in small groups, but Easter really needs as many people as possible—the more children, the bigger the game, and the more competition.

If you’re going to host an Easter party, invite as many families as your space allows. Have a place not only big enough for the people and food, but for children to explore. Parks, because of their openness, are always perfect for Easter; but a house has so many nooks and crannies that finding eggs is going to be a challenge.

Park Hunts

This is the most common egg hunt, organized by large groups. At most of these, eggs will be carelessly strewn about the grass and only a few eggs will be hard to find. Make it challenging!

Let the kids know how far out the eggs will be. Put them in foliage, tape them to the bottoms of seesaws, bury them in the sand.

To make things more intriguing, hide “golden” eggs in locations that children probably won’t find without the aid of treasure maps. The kids will love trekking the field with a map and might even work in groups, if the golden eggs have very promising contents. Don’t make the maps too easy to understand.

Instead of giving kids maps, they could be completely unaware of their existence until they’ve found one inside a regular egg. The surprise will invigorate them with a sense of discovery. They’ll probably jump and scream in excitement!

Consider filling Easter eggs with tokens that are redeemable for prizes, and put those prizes on display with their price. A kid will know exactly how much he needs to collect to get what he wants.

House Hunts

Declare the boundaries that eggs are hidden within to the children. Using the yard is going to make things better, because kids will have two terrains to canvas. So that there’s no cheating, don’t hide any eggs until all the children have been put in a separate room where they can’t see you. Distribute the Easter eggs to all the parents and then have everyone hide the eggs together.

You’ll definitely want to put away anything breakable if the children are going to get clumsy from excitement.

After the eggs have been hidden, release the explorers from the room! If the hiding spots are clever, the kids could be entertained for half an hour or longer.

It would be a good idea to have an egg inventory, and each egg assigned a number. The egg’s contents should be recorded, as well as their hiding places. Just when the kids think they’ve found them all, you can make a count and tell them how many eggs are still left. To keep them giddy, give them hints about what’s waiting for the finders of the final eggs.

If you do more than just the regular Easter egg hunt, your parties will become a legend among all the children who were there. If you are holding an egg hunt for an organization, you are bound to increase the popularity of all its functions, because people will be excited to see what activities the community is going to offer next.

Author Bio:
Emmy is a freelance writer for Discount Catholic Products, an online retailer of patron medal saints, scapulars,
first Communion gift sets, and many more. This year, she’s organizing an Easter egg hunt at the local park  for the kids in her neighborhood.