Hosting a Beautiful & Blessed Baptism Reception

A child’s baptism is a momentous spiritual occasion, a wonderful event that is shared with family, close friends, and church members. Regardless of your religious background and the details of the baptism ceremony itself, you will probably want to hold a reception for guests following the ceremony. A reception is a great time for everyone to socialize, meet the new little one, and give various gifts that will aid in spiritual growth throughout his or her young life. As you celebrate the happiness of the arrival of a new family member, remember that it is a religious affair and there should be a certain amount of solemnity. When choosing a reception location it is important to keep in mind the number of people who will be attending. Many parents choose to use a hall at the church. If you’d like to do something different, choose a location that is relatively close to the church where the baptism will take place. Possible location options include your own home (or a close relative’s home), a nearby restaurant, or a nice park. If the baptism is during the rainy season or cold months, an indoor reception location is ideal. But if the weather is comfortable, a backyard or park reception would be perfect.

Once you have decided on a good location for the reception it is time to choose and send out invitations to party guests. There are plenty of design options to choose from, but baptisms generally call for a more formal and religious invitation. Since your baby will be baptized soon after his or her birth, guests will only have a couple weeks’ notice at most. So be sure to send out invites as soon as possible. Be sure to include information about the church where the baptism will take place and the reception location.

While you do not have to go all out with pricey decorations, a few simple touches can make all the difference for such a beautiful event. Before purchasing any décor, be sure to find out what decorations are allowed at your chosen reception location. A guest book is a great way to keep track of guests for writing thank you notes after the baptism. Table decorations should be minimalistic. Simply cover the tables in a light colored, gender-specific tablecloth and add a simple centerpiece. Vases of white flowers or candles make for great centerpiece options. Strings of small white lights are a beautiful addition for a party that goes into the evening.

The time of the reception will help determine the food to be served. A formal reception during a mealtime calls for a nice catered dinner. A backyard barbeque is appropriate for an outdoor reception location. You can also choose a brunch, buffet lunch, or a small dessert reception. You can make things as elegant and fancy as you’d like, or you can opt for a more low maintenance option. Most baby baptism receptions have a traditional white cake for guests. The baby’s name and perhaps the date of the baptism can be written on the cake. If you are doing any toasts, be sure to have some special drinks available.

A traditional part of a baptism reception is a themed party favor for each guest. Favors are a nice way to say thank you to reception guests and provide them with a beautiful keepsake to take home and remember the special day. There are many items to choose from and plenty of options for any budget. Photo personalized favors such as ornaments or bookmarks are classic for a baby baptism. Other options include personalized candy bars or a candle with a spiritual quote. The possibilities are practically endless.

Olivia Nicholas is a writer and a busy mom. She is always happy to share her passion for life and experiences through her work, and in her spare time works as a freelance writer for Storkie.