Holy Spirit says, "No."

I believe a play on Carol’s famous phrase from Little Britain, “Computer says ‘no,’” is a good start for today’s post. I’d post a clip but…well…if you know anything about this character, it’s kind of hard to find a clip that is suitable for this blog! Anywho. Carol, the awfully attractive character the she is, uses the aforementioned phrase to be snide, but the Holy Spirit does it to save ourselves from ourselves.

I know that God never says “no.” He does not deny us of our free will, so it cannot be possible. He simply says, “Not yet,” “I have something much better for you, ” or “Yes.” Here is the catch: these blessings are given to us in due time…His time.

2 Peter 3:8 reminds us that time is not equivalently understood between us and our Heavenly Father. So, what we long for today—in my case, financial stability and increase—might not be immediately in the cards. First of all, I had a habit of coming to Him when in crisis instead of confessing the Word at all times in this area. I didn’t know what to say, that I can admit; but I didn’t ask what God says about finances either. Aside from tithing, I knew nothing.

Secondly, my habits show a lack of commitment to changing. I can’t say I want to be debt free and able to enjoy international holidays and what-not if my habits don’t change. There has to be some kind of control—and that control is ushered in through Jesus. I already know that I lack SELF-control, so why put that extra pressure on myself? Holy Spirit says, “NO!” He says to come to Him and receive help, strength and rest.

Finally, I have not always trusted what I know: God doesn’t need me to prove anything. The Lord has sent angels to protect me and loved ones to pray for me, but I’ve been thrown off by the mindset that God helps those who help themselves only. We cannot be like the man in John 5:1-18, blocking the way to our healing; and we  don’t have to prove ourselves worthy of the Lord’s blessings either. WE NEVER WILL BE ABLE TO DO SO, and Amen for that!

It’s the gift of mercy and unbelievable, unconditional love that the Father has for us that needs to be trusted in. If God held us up to the standard of proving our worth, life would be short on joy indeed. I trust Him now, more than ever, and it’s changing how I respond to His direction on my life.

Feeble faith makes a fickle mind and heart. To that, Holy Spirit says, “No.”

About the Author: ashleyAshley Griffin, a writer/blogger for roughly 15 years, is answering God’s calling on her life as a teacher of the Word through her online ministry, TheSpiritedNerd. Born in Texas and raised in Michigan, Ms. Griffin brings a unique approach to the online para-church ministry movement.  Ms. Griffin is currently a contributor to the Chic CEO Thought Leader blog, DivineCaroline.com, FaithVillage.com and a new inductee into The National Association of Professional Women.  Visit her blog at http://thespiritednerd.wordpress.com and her online portfolio at www.acgriffinwrites.com.