Hello Friend, Welcome to Our Future!

We are friends - or so I want to believe.  Today is the same as yesterday, and we are still on this Earth.  All the problems we had yesterday, we have today.  We are still friends, we are still broke by worldly standards, we are still going to work on Monday, and we are peat and repeat the same old cycle.  Day after day we think tomorrow will be different, but is it really different?  How can we seriously ask Jesus for help without looking to Him?  Are we living in reality or fantasy? By the way, I'm talking to you, are you listening?  You listen, but do you hear?  Do you understand who I am?  Do I understand who you are?  Well, I admit that I think I understand who you are, and I think you might know who I am, but how well do we communicate?  How often do we use our mouth and say what we REALLY mean?  Do we share our testimony of what Jesus has done for us, or keep it for only the RIGHT moment?

Evangelist Gary Fisher of The Trumpeter, Lion of Judah Ministry explains my concerns for you, my friend.

Yes, today was the same as yesterday with ONE exception - we are one more day closer to finding out whether or not we have what it takes to be eternally triumphant.  We are one more day closer to our destiny.  We are, who we are because of who we want to BEcome.  Since we are friends I need to explain my concern.  Yes, we all have our moments, we worry about inconsequential things, we are uniquely Hand MADE by the Grace of God, and we are family.

The difference between us is that I have become an optimist and you have become a pessimist.  Whether we have capital or not, we have Jesus.  Although I doubt my abilities many times, and I agonize over how I am perceived by others, I know I can be connected to you through Jesus.  I know that giving up is not the answer.  I know that in order to succeed I must fail, and I have many times.  I know that no matter where I am, Jesus has my back.

You, on the other hand, say that the only way to Jesus is following the cross.  I believe this, but do you really believe this?  Can you just let go and give up?  What if your answer is not a REAL job?  What if your answer is “believing in yourself, in what you can do, and in what Jesus can do for you?”  Although you may feel untalented, unwanted and unappreciated, you have a testimony of Christ.  You share the gospel, sometimes unbeknownst to others, and you still doubt your abilities to care for your dynasty.

Dr. David Regan and Nathan Jones of Lamb and Lion Ministries Podcasts “Christ in Prophecy” can enrich you forever. Their podcasts influenced me, and I know it is not too late YET for you either.  Dr. Regan also has a television programs available so that you can SEE how you WILL be affected.  Let me re-emphasize this (YOU WILL BE AFFECTED - SOMEHOW).

Revelation 21:6: King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

"And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely."

I know this is a difficult time in your life, as it is also a difficult time in my life, but we are communicators of the truth.  We have had many opportunities that we passed up, and we have messed up our lives considerably.  Yet, we have given our lives to Christ, we are on the road to eternity, but we are broke according to the world.

We have people counting on us, so how can we live without a REAL job?  Can we actually create a positive environment for our children?  What does it take to actually "give up and let go"? We have our habits, we have our problems, but we each have extraordinary "God Given" capabilities.

What if God wanted us to use our abilities for his glory?  What if we did use our abilities, worked hard and were able to enjoy our jobs?  What if we consider our talents for a REAL job and, by doing so, we could be happy, successful and a powerful voice for Jesus?  We are first responsible to Jesus and where He takes us can make us profoundly wealthy no matter our circumstances.

I am concerned that you are giving up on Jesus.  I am concerned that you are forgetting the REAL reason for life.  I am concerned that you are only living for today and NOT for tomorrow.  If you want to end up being a "drudge" to society continue on the road you are on.  If you truly want to give up stress, worry and anxiety, "give up and let go", forever.  Just remember, your God given gift is what MATTERS most!

Seek Jesus!  Go to Lamb and Lion Ministries or Lion of Judah Ministry to find out how YOU TOO can be a witness for Jesus Christ.

Was I right or wrong and does this matter to you, my friend?

About the Author: My name is Eileen. I have been a (so called) writer for years. I never pursued writing as a career because I was told at a young age that writers could never make money. I still wrote occasionally, but achieved nothing because I allowed someone to squelch my dreams. I wrote short stories for my friends and family following the writing style of Jim Metcalf from New Orleans http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Metcalf. I have not missed my calling though, in fact, I've been writing and blogging more, following my path to success, late but not lost. I am finally cashing in on the inheritance my ancestors left me, the artistic tradition of my family.  For years I've read many articles on the Bach clan, and I consider this an opportunity to finally carry on where my progenitors left off.  I tell people to never give up on their dreams, like I did. My ultimate goal is to make writing my second career as I lost out on it as my first career. My objective is to write for a living, making this career the opportunity of a lifetime, succeeding at what I know. My goal is to inspire people to act instead of react, pursuing their dreams, and making a difference in their lives and the lives of others.