Hear. See. Move. (part 1)

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes


Me? Well, I'm an observer first. And as I've already shared, I'm a major thinker, too. So as a child, observe and think I did. In my observations, I noticed two very different ways of living. First, I saw those who were brought up in and taught the truth from adolescence choose to go another way and do their own thing. Going the hard way didn't seem to pan out at all; there was too much drama and regret left to deal with at the end of the day. As you can probably imagine, this was very unappealing. And though I was young, I felt that the smartest thing to do was to test out the opposite way. I quickly made a decision to go full force into "the things of God" and see what this life in Jesus was all about. My curiosity peeked.

And so, strengthened by a new resolve, I continued my observations. I also saw loved ones who I knew had great hearts for God and who loved Him with all their being (they had seen Him do miraculous signs and wonders continuously in their lives) only go to a certain point in their relationship with the Father. Some even passed away, never fully seeing the manifestation of ALL God had promised them. I wondered, "Why?" How could people who had dedicated their whole lives to God STILL be sick, poor and drowning in their struggles? Where was the evidence of this victorious life I'd hear about in the songs we sang at church and the sermons we heard from the pulpit?

Hmmm. This was a problem. I didn't want MY whole life to pass without ever really seeing the things I claimed to believe. I'd often say to myself, "What if there's more? There's got to be more!" Thoughts such as these constantly stirred in my heart, creating a longing in me to tenaciously pursue an answer to satisfy my intrigue. Growing up in a family who is known for a multi-generational legacy of serving God definitely laid a solid foundation for me to build on. It propelled me in my own search for God and for truth. But even with that, I further sensed that I had a responsibility of some sort to delve into this thing a little deeper; I wasn't satisfied that THIS was it.

My hunger and thirst paved the way for discovery and enlightenment to make their presence known in my life. (The more I searched, the more the answers found me.) It wasn't just enough to LOVE GOD. And even scarier, it was possible to live my whole life steeped in ignorance and in the misconception that not endeavoring to venture past a comfortable place with God was good enough (Hosea 4:6). I began to entertain the idea that God wanted ME to know Him intimately. He wanted to be involved in the details of my life. But if I tried to hold on to familiarity or to only go on the knowledge I'd heard about Him, I'd miss the life He really desired for me to have. And as I accepted these truths, opening my heart to the possibility that I could experience God in a deeper way than I ever had (and that the depth I could go was endless), God became more real to me than ever before. Something happened to me. I had gained something that no one could ever take away from me. Jesus was REAL and I was forever convinced that we could be the closest of friends.

If you're wondering what happened to me, don't worry. It's my pleasure to let you in on the secret. The experience I'm referring to is the day I was filled with the Holy Spirit (and the days that have followed)...the point in my life when EVERYTHING changed! So, guess what? NEWS FLASH! What you are currently doing will no longer suffice for where God is taking you. It's time for you to UPDATE your systems. It's time for you to UPGRADE. It's time for a NEW EXPERIENCE in God.


From the Father's heart to mine, these are my thoughts on Spirit-led living. Believers should be free and desire to experience the deep things of the Spirit with no fear and no hesitation.

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Written By: Andria Livingston


Hello, guys! My name is Andria Livingston. I'm a down-to-earth, part country/part citified 26 year old gal from the buzzing, multicultural and vibrant city of Houston, Texas. I'm also a singer/songwriter, teacher, and a lover of Jesus Christ!

I'm on a journey to continually uncover the hidden treasures God has placed inside of me, but along the way, I want to help you to unlock the wealth of the kingdom in YOU. And at the end of the day, I want us to be effective in the HERE and NOW (right where we are as we are) and reach the people that God has assigned us to touch.

And with that, I now give you FAVOR FLAVOR...my take on this grace life that God has called us to live!

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