He Chose Nails for Me

I've done alot of praying and reflecting this week. Sunday at church we had a great pastor fill in while our pastor was away and he read an excerpt from Max Lucado's book "He Chose the Nails"I wish I had recorded the part he read because it really touched me.. The short paraphrase version is: If we made a list of all the sins we have done...every one of them...lying, cheating, unholy thoughts, coveting, unforgiveness....every one of them and wrote them down as a list on a piece of paper...it would probably be quite long. Maybe yours wouldn't be....but mine would. I am sure I do something or think something I shouldn't every day... Mine would be long.

But then we would take that list..and go to the cross. The cross where Jesus chose the nails. He chose to be humiliated. He chose to be whipped. He chose it...for me. For Me. For You.

He didn't try to hit the guards that were pushing that crown of thorns down into his head. He didn't struggle when they placed him upon the cross. He chose to stay calm and he chose to do so for me.

So the only thing I can bring to the cross is my failures...and put them right between Jesus perfect palm and the wood of an old rugged cross ...simply held together by a nail.

But as that nail goes in...there will be blood...perfect sinless blood..that will drip down my list and make it hard to read...hard to see what I wrote...it will get harder and harder to read my list of sins as the blood trickles down the paper...and before to long.. you won't be able to see what I wrote...my sins...my failures... at all.

I don't even know what to say after that.. Is there anything to add to that?

I just sit and think of that image ...I thought of that image all week..and felt humbled...and empowered..and thankful... and oh so utterly sorry but oh so wonderfully loved.


We....are forgiven

We...are loved

We are His by His choosing!

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