Have You Every Wondered Why?

Have you ever wondered why God put you in the job you had?  I did for 6 long years.  I graduated college with an IT related degree and work in a couple different IT related jobs.  Then I got married and moved to Maryland where  I had a hard time finding a job in the IT field.  In fact I couldn’t find one.  So because bills had to get paid, I started looking in other areas for jobs.  I ended up working as a legal and personal assistant to a blind attorney.  This job was not what I wanted, not what I had gone to college for.  I really just thought it would be a temporary job until the Lord gave me the one I wanted.  I was wrong.  I ended up working for this attorney the entire time I lived in Maryland, 6 years. The job itself wasn’t hard.  It was simple but just involved a lot of things.  I was the attorney’s sole employee for a long time and at the most there were only 2 employees at any given time.  I did everything from legal research, billing, correspondence, pleadings, etc., everything a legal assistant would be required to do, but my responsibilities didn’t end there.  This is where the “personal assistant” part of my job came in.  Because the attorney I worked for was blind, I drove him on errands, went to court with him, met with clients with him, even balanced his checkbook for him.  I bought birthday and anniversary presents, wrote out cards and notes, and even took him to the ER once for a broken wrist.  The point I’m making is that I did everything for him.

I liked the job at first.  It was exciting to learn the legal field - how the courts works, the law, etc.  I also learned I never wanted to be an attorney.  It just isn’t something I wanted to do.  About that time, I also realized I really wanted to get back into the IT field again.  So I started looking for a new job.  Still nothing.  Still a legal/personal assistant to a blind attorney.  About 4 years down the road, I was talking with my mother about the job.  I was telling her what I had learned about working with a blind person and there was just so much stuff I did by instinct now.  If we were walking outside, I walked on the side near the curb.  I knew where to place a paper for him to sign, how to describe things to him, etc.  After telling her all of this, she reminded me of my brother.

My brother has a a disease called cone dystrophy (among other issues), which is an eye disease that can lead to blindness.  He is legally blind, but can see good enough still do most thing for himself with minimal help however he will never be able to live by himself.  It was at that moment speaking with mother that I realized why God had put me in this job - to prepare me for the future.  At some point in the future my brother will have to come live us.  He won’t be able to live with my parents forever.  God was teaching me what I would need to know in order to live with and help a person with very limited vision.  Once I realized why God had put me in the the position He did, I didn’t mind the job so much.  I now understood the importance of it.

A lot of times we may never know why God puts us in certain places at certain times but the point is to know that God has a reason and that is all that matters.  Our God is a sovereign God and all we must do is trust that God will take care us as He promised.

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

“What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.” Ps 56:3

Courtney is the founder of Faithful Bloggers and blogs at CourtneySpeaks.com to help Christians start and run their online business.