Groomed for Glory

We are being groomed for glory. Do you know that the odds are against us millions to  one from our ever being conceived into our mother's womb and making it into  this world, but God saw to it that through His infinite wisdom that we did, and for good purpose. Though we twist and writhe in the winds of life looking for perfection and peace it is hidden, for like Christ, our time is not yet.And speaking of perfection, can't you image how boring this world would be without the bite of challenge i.e., a perfect baseball game, all players hitting home runs, or all golfers, a hole in one!

Where is the pain of test and trial that spirits hope?  We live by the plan of God in a variable zone that by its very nature draws us to that Day of the Lord and the perfect state.  We are being prepared daily for that unspeakable moment.  Oliver Green, a yesteryear Evangelist, beaten by this world, found God through it and entered the next.  Paul the Apostle beaten by the world orthodox religion found God through it and entered the next. Read the book of Hebrews, chapter 11, same world but God.

Come to the knowledge of truth, for without the stimulus of imperfection we would have no government to manage us, no education to teach us, no libraries to broaden us and everything we know as this life,vanished. So, dear ones, brace up to the demands of each day, the stress and pain, and too, the joys and shouts of a "Job well done," or a "Try it again, you can do it,"for you see,YOU ARE BEING GROOMED FOR GLORY.

About the Author: Dick Taylor is a retiree who has chosen to continue his witness unto the Lord through the marvelous reaches of the Internet Blog with it being as a natural extension to his past christian activities which numbers from Biola University to missions to radio and television to inner city evangelism. Also, Dick is the composer of "The Shepherd Boy," a spiritual JOURNEY depicting musically  the life and times of King David of Israel. You can find him on the web  at