Greed To Seed

I used to worship moneyAn idol built of greed My life revolved around the lump Amassed, just for my need I used to guard it carefully And watch it ebb and flow Was overjoyed to see it come But sad to see it go.

Charity began at home My needs were paramount The poor and needy had to wait Their poverty didn't count But then I had a change of life And I asked Jesus in But kept my wallet firmly closed My wealth was not a sin.

Bit by bit, my hardened heart Was softened by His love And off my greedy, grasping hand He took the chain mailed glove Now I tithe and sow my seed Into the kingdom field A cheerful giver, I've become And heaven is my yield.

The Beginning.............. My parents were born in the early 1900's and each were one of five children. Both lost their fathers at an early age and were put into homes. A loveless harsh environment, my mother said that the highlight of their year was at Christmas when they had an orange in their stocking. Fast forward to the sixties when I was a teenager. We had a groovy clothes shop in Church Street which sold the latest Ben Sherman shirts, Levi staprest flares and loads of tank tops. I used to take my latest purchase home only to be greeted with What did you buy that rubbish for. So I learnt to save and got hooked on seeing my balance grow, being renowned for making a pint of snakebite last all evening.

When I became a Christian in 1987, we came to St Thomas' and I slightly lost my tightness gladly putting a pound in the plate as it was passed round, I bet God was impressed by my generosity. As time passed I became more generous giving 10% spread over St T's and various ministries we supported. Then the breakthrough came a few years ago when watching God channel and seeing an interview with the pastor of a church in America. They had a vision for their church and challenged the members by holding a series of teachings on the biblical aspects of tithing and stewardship. I bought the series of mp3's and after listening to a different teaching, put it into practice. I changed our standing order to the 28th of the month when my wages hit the bank. God desires our firstfruits and so it was 10% before tax and national insurance was taken out. The idea is that you support the church where you are fed and this is where satan spreads fear in our minds as in a normal world there is no way we shouls be able to survive financially. Then there is the giving to outside missions which should be maintained. Lastly there are the special offerings that crop up during the year, so this was very scary stuff. Now I earn around £10,000 less than the supposed national average and we have some savings but we have been kept afloat supernaturally by God because we have taken Him at His word and trusted Him to come through. We have been given a vision by God to turn Holy Trinity into a beacon and enable His kingdom to grow in Trowbridge. He has built this church with people that He wants to use in this venture. If only we would be set free from this stronghold then we could supply all His needs.It is a personal decision based on what you and God decide and He won't love us any less if we don't give,but if we don't sow then we don't reap as we are not trusting Him at His word.Also, we should give cheerfully as He gave first with His Son and everything we have is because of what He did on the cross. Finally I leave you with this line from a sermon on giving that John Darling gave some years ago. It's not asking God What should we give but what can we keep.

About the Author: Hi, I'm Mike and I have been writing Christian poetry for around twelve years. This piece is a true story of my life, set free from the power of money. I hope it inspires you. You can find me on the web at