God's Will Is For Us To Trust Him Above All


Trust is truly an element that's of great importance due to the fact that it involves one's own character, credibility, and ability. Humanly speaking, when somebody cannot trust us despite how much we've allowed God to transform us into credible and reliable individuals that can be prepared to provide assistance to those who are in need, it hurts. The reason is that it brings us down to such a low level that doesn't fit who are in Christ.

If as weak, unreliable, and dishonest we can be as humans are hurt by that. But what about God Himself? Well, to a much higher level, the exact same thing also applies to God. The thing is that we're serving a God who has an absolute integrity, and a God who holds a high esteem for who He is and His Word. When for some reason, we cannot trust God with our problems, it hurts God.

When we cannot trust Him, it indicates that He's not trustworthy despite of whom He claims Himself to be in His Word and how faithful He's been to us. This clearly explains the reason why without faith it's impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6) because faith is the essence of trusting God. He wants us to trust Him without any reservation because He's an all-powerful God capable of meeting all our needs.

Trusting God simply means that depending up on whom God claims Himself to be all throughout His Word. Our approach to dealing with God is to take His Word at face value by allowing them to decide how we are to react to life's bad circumstances. Problems are inevitable in this life, but we should never allow them to drive us desperate like those who don't even know God.


Written By: Arold Augustin

This is a guest post from Arold Augustin. I’m the founder of this developing ministry known as Living For Jesus Alone Ministries. This ministry exists to provide Christian powerful biblical teachings intended to strengthen their day-to-day walk with Christ through the means of having faith in God.