God's Boundary Lines


Jeremiah 5:18 (NLT) “Yet even in those days I will not blot you out completely,” says the Lord.

Jeremiah 5:22 (NLT) “…I, the Lord, define the ocean’s sandy shoreline as an everlasting boundary that the waters cannot cross. The waves may toss and roar, but they can never pass the boundaries I set.”

When looking at these verses they are not what we would think of as “holiday” scriptures. But I cannot help but think of many friends and family that are possibly feeling during this celebratory season as though God has forgotten them, or the pain is so terrible it may never heal, or even possibly thinking the enemy has won this time. Do you know someone that is having these thoughts? Are you one of these that might feel as though they are being tossed around by huge roaring waves?

What encouragement can we send or give to our friends, or even speak over ourselves?

Oh how I love the spark of joy I get when reading that God has defined a boundary line! Our powerful Heavenly Father created the everlasting boundary lines that the ocean waters cannot cross. If He put that much thought and specific effort into boundary lines for our natural world, how much MORE thought and specific efforts has He and is He putting into our lives. We are not being blotted out, we are not forgotten, God does have specific boundaries (plans, thoughts, pathways) for us!

How can we stay within the boundaries God sets for us?

Worship God in everything we do. Read the Bible and expect God to speak to us through His words. Allow the Holy Spirit to help us grow in our mind, will and emotions.

Will you pray with me?

Thank you Heavenly Father for not blotting us out, for not forgetting about all your daughters that you deeply love! You truly care about every hurt, pain, situation, loved one, etc. God we trust in You today knowing you have good plans for us, loving thoughts about us and specific pathways set for us; boundaries that will not be moved by the tossing of waves we might face in life. In Jesus Name I believe! Amen!

Now, speak the following and insert your name in the blanks.

God loves _____ ! He will not blot _____ out! My Father has drawn a boundary line the enemy cannot cross. I, ____  , choose to listen, obey, and worship you!

Written By: Carlie Venkler

Friends call me Carlie, my husband calls me Sweetie and our children call me Mom.  I enjoy sharing God's precious words with others through blogs and journaling. You can find me on the web at http://carlievenkler.wordpress.com