From Faith to Faith

For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith …Romans 1:17

"From faith to faith" … My faith when I came to know Christ is quite different now, some 15 years past.  Bible study has certainly increased my knowledge of God and His amazing gift of salvation.  Fellowship with other believers has taught me to persevere and ministry has opened my eyes to the need of people for a Savior.   Worship services have strengthened my spirit.  But it is the trials and difficult life moments that have brought me to my knees to seek the Lord.  On my knees and earnestly seeking Him, He lets me understand His word, especially those that were formerly hidden.

Through each trial and difficult circumstance, I glean more of God’s wisdom and character.  When I was a young believer, I knew Him as a holy, holy God who hates sin but loves the sinner.  Later on, I knew Him as a loving Father who eagerly waits for me to run to Him in prayer.  As I mature in the faith, I come to know the Lord as my faithful Husband, the Great Adventurer who leads me through unknown paths and takes leaps and bounds with me in tow.  I know my Lord to be my gentle Shepherd, and at work as my merciful and gracious Master.  He has cried with me and laughed with me at the silliest things.

He is my Encourager who invites me to take on new interests and challenges to unearth His gifts.  He continues to mold my heart to exercise forgiveness and compassion to people I thought I could never forgive.  He teaches me to walk in the power of His Spirit when life’s circumstance overwhelms me.

As I continue to walk in faith, my Lord peels the veil from my eyes layer by layer so I could know Him more intimately and gain a deeper understanding of His word.

"From faith to faith" … Step by step and sometimes by leaps and bounds, my ever-faithful God brings me deeper into His truths and His heart.

About the Author: I am a single mature woman who was redeemed by the Lord almost 20 yrs ago.  I started a blog a few months ago to record and share how God has been moving in my life. The blog site 'Aya's Life' is a chronicle of a woman’s adventure with her Lord.  For those travelling the road of obedience, days may sometimes seem empty and dreary.  But never give up as you will soon find the path laden with God’s promises and blessings.