Found Faithful in All Matters, Great and Small

And he said to him, ‘Well done, good servant! Because you have been faithful in a very little, you shall have authority over ten cities.’ (Luke 19:17) The disciples of Jesus were longing for God’s Kingdom to be established here on earth. They mistakenly believed that Jesus was going to establish this kingdom immediately. Jesus told a parable describing a different future.

The parable describes a kingdom where the constituency refused to accept the king. So the king leaves but before he goes the wise ruler delegates responsibility to his servants. The ruler entrusted each servant with some money. They were to use the money to carry on business and make a profit for the king. Upon the king’s return, there would be an accounting for the money.

When the king returned, he established his kingdom. He then called his servants into his presence to ask about the business of the kingdom. Each servant gave an account for the money that had been entrusted to them. Some are praised for doing a good job. They had been found faithful.  Some are condemned for their laziness. They are held accountable for their choices and actions.

The king, in this parable, says to one of the servants who did an admirable job, “Well done”. The ruler also rewards him with more responsibility. He gives him greater honor and a better position because he had been faithful in the small matters. He worked his way up by doing his best in the little things.

This is a lesson God wants me to learn. Why would he give me great tasks if I can’t be consistent with the small things? I must be faithful where I am at this moment. I need to give my best effort in everything I do. The King is coming, and I want Him to say to me “Well done”.

I recently read this quote, “I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble” (Helen Keller). This sums up the point the Lord was teaching me from this parable. So today, I will do the small tasks as if they were great and noble, and I will do them for Jesus!

Jesus is coming back to establish His Kingdom. When He gets here, I want to be found faithful in all matters, great and small.

King of Heaven, I am glad to be your servant. Thank you for entrusting me with little. Let me be found faithful. I agree with Helen Keller. I also long to do extraordinary things for you, but I know that my calling for today is to do the small things to the best of my ability. Bless my small efforts and use them for your honor and glory.

twitter 1Shereen Lashua is a speaker, teacher and author of Naked, Embarrassed, and Exposed? Then Put Something On, a women’s study, that encourages women to dress in the character of Jesus (Now available for Kindle). She is also Vice President of SISTER Ministries, an outreach to formerly incarcerated women. You can contact Shereen at Learn more about Shereen's teaching and speaking ministry at or