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When Jesus says, “Follow Me,” it’s not an invitation to say a prayer, it’s a summons to lose our lives. In this much-anticipated follow-up to Radical, Pastor David Platt challenges the traditions of cultural Christianity and reintroduces us to Jesus and His most simple request: Follow Me. This is the Bible Study That I will be taking with my Pembroke Pines Church family. It started last night and will be for the next 6 weeks. What a great message we shared with each other. First off what is a Christian. Is it a follower of Christ, a believer in Christ, A disciple of Christ, an evangelist of Christ…? All of the above!!! Are those levels… no… can you be one and not the other… no. {I felt a little guilty being at my old Church with old family. My husband went to our Church’s Bible study.} But, if you have ever done a study with David Platt or heard him preach. I could not miss this chance and I will be to each one the good Lord allows me. You see it is not about the Church I attend all the time or the Church I attend some of the time. It is about the Church I am a part of and that is the Body of Christ Jesus. I am the house of God where I am and who I am with. I am filled with His Holy Spirit. From my rebirth until this very moment His mercy is renewed daily. This goes for you too. But, you must be obedient to His words and follow His Spirits pull on your heart. It should not be, “oh I am a Christian I can’t do that.” It should be, “I don’t need that anymore.” or “I am not that person anymore.” As Pastor Luis was talking about our Salvation and how to know we are Christians I started to think about my struggles and battles with my mind, heart, and flesh every day.

I realized it is a struggle to grow. To root yourself deep into scripture, to force your way out of this world. To be strangles by weeds and have thorns growing up around you choking you. That is how I know I am alive in my walk with God. Not being content, comfortable, hardening my heart and seeking pleasures of this world.

Today bounce forward with me as I was listening to a message my Pastor Dan preached when I was doing Jesus sprouts (child care) for our Church a while back. And he was preaching on Romans 12 but, what stuck in my head was the last verse he used verse 13 Be partakers with the needs of the holy; befriend strangers.

LOVE IS, Giving to another person that which they want. Even if they do not deserve it. At great personal cost to yourself.

Heavenly Lord God our Father in Heaven Thank you for considering us and bring us to know you. You have set us apart from this world. There is none like You Oh Lord, You are all mighty, powerful and Holy, Holy, Holy, we praise You for allowing us time we can spend daily with You in Your presence. To come to Your Throne of Mercy and Grace, In The Name Of Your Perfect Son Jesus Christ, Amen & Amen , HalleluYah to You!!!

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