Filling the Void

Recently while I was working I noticed I was sharing my work area with a spider. There is enough space here for the two of us and I saw no reason to evict him. My new friend worked for most of the day building his perfect web. It was really a magnificent work of art and I wish I had thought to snap a picture of it. I admired the hard work my little buddy was putting into his web and paid more attention to what he was doing than I normaly would have. Close to the end of the day I notice he had finished and had taken up residents in the center of his creation in anticipation of food to arrive.

When I arrived the next day it appeared my friend had not moved. As the day went on there was still no movement at all, even though a few tasty morsels had been ensnared in the web. After hours I came to the sad conclusion that my friend must have passed away after finishing his work but before enjoying the reward.

It was then that the Holy Spirit spoke to me and pointed out how much we are all like that spider. We all work our whole lives doing what we think will satisfy us. When our Father created us, He place within each and every one of us a desire to be in a relationship with Him. I don't mean religion. I mean an intimate one on one relationship with the One that created us.

We feel that longing and desire our entire lives. If we aren't seeking Him we feel it as a void inside of us. Too many people work themselves to death trying to fill that void with the wrong things. We believe if we make enough money we will fill that void and be happy. We believe that if we meet the right person and have companionship with them it will make us feel complete. We think if we live a good life and treat others kindly then we will die happy and satisfied.

But these things never work. Many a millionare has suffered from depression. Many a "happily" married person has died feeling alone and empty. Many a kind hearted gentle person has passed from this life feeling that they were missing something.

NOTHING will fill the desire to know God except knowing God. The ONLY way to feel complete, whole, at peace, and satisfied for more than a fleeting moment is the know Him and to Love Him. To have a relationship with Him that surpasses all else you have in your life. He made the void and only He can fill it.

About the Author: My name is Gary Smith. I'm fairly new to the blogging community and hope to inspire as well as make friends while using the gift God gave me to reach people. You can read my blog at Random Revelations :