Family Night Ideas: Bringing Your Family Together in the Name of the Lord

With schedules revolving around school, work, church, soccer games, keeping up the home, yoga, etc. (all of you multi-tasking moms out there know that this doesn’t even begin to put a dent in the list), at times it can be difficult to juggle and create a harmonious balance in your Christian household. If your family is constantly on the go, it is important to set aside one night a week (Sunday nights after church are always great!) to spend some quality time with one another. With these few family night ideas that embrace your love for each other and for God, you are able to corral your herd together for some solid family bonding…while at the same time strengthening each family member morally and spiritually by way of some fun and valuable lessons:

Movie Night! Stop by your local Christian bookstore and pick up some faith-based films based on stories from the Bible. But you don’t have to limit yourself there… you can choose from a host of wholesome family movies (with a moral story line and Godly values) across all genres and after the movie has ended, take time to talk about it with your family. This post-flick discussion will allow you to come up with ideas on how Christians can handle similar situations and dilemmas faced by the characters.

Game Night! While searching for movies at the Christian bookstore, don’t forget to add a few games to the shopping bag. Exciting news is that these days your favorite board games are made available with a biblical twist! Consider picking up: Outburst Bible Edition, Bible Taboo and even Bibleopoly. Also go for your classic games. A simple round of cards or Scrabble are fun ways to demonstrate the importance of graciously winning and losing as well as showing your children the wrongs of lying and cheating. This is a great method to reinforce the golden rule of treating others how you wish to be treated.

Make Dinner as a Family! What better way to bring the family together than with food? Being that the kitchen is the heart of many homes where families congregate to share the day’s joys and sorrows over a comforting meal, this one should be fairly easy. Come up with a dinner that will allow your kids to help prepare a traditional dish such as one you would find in biblical times. Cooking dinner as a family provides a fun, bonding experience along with a satisfied feeling when you are able to sit down and enjoy together the meal on which you worked so hard.

Play Sports! For family night, head out to the backyard and play a rousing game of football or shoot some hoops. This gives your family a fun opportunity to enhance teambuilding skills and gives you the chance to discuss keeping your body healthy with exercise, as it is a temple of God.

Serve Others! Take a night to venture out of your home as a family and lend some helping hands to your community. A great idea is volunteering to serve dinner at a local homeless shelter. Teaching your kids about giving back to those less fortune is a crucial key to laying for their lives a solid Christian foundation. This will open your children’s eyes to the value of work, responsibility and the importance of being self-less.

Read a Good Book—THE Good Book! After dinner, get comfortable in the living room and take turns passing the Bible around for each person to read. You can then talk about lessons learned from passages read and how every family member plans to put that lesson learned into play for their lives during the upcoming week.

About the Author: Cindy McDonald, owner of Christian Dating Sites, is a guest post contributor who shares with us her suggestions for Christian family nights. In addition to her hobby of guest-posting, Cindy also contributes to the websites, Catholic Dating Sites and Best Free Dating Sites, where she offers advice for finding love and companionship that honors God and falls in line with the teachings of the Church. You can find Cindy on the web at