Family in Spiritual Crisis

It is obvious that the family is God’s perfect plan, not only to replenish the earth, but for the building of his kingdom. It is no small reason that the devil makes it his prime target. Unfortunately there are too many of us who have become victims of his craftiness. One of the reasons is, he is so cunning that we do not recognize him as the culprit, rather we prey on each other and leave him rejoicing. There is a family crisis in the church, and it is spreading like wildfire. Parents and children, siblings with siblings, and spouses…it is however a sign of the last days.

I have talked about some of the reasons why marriages are falling apart: my #1 reason is that we have a serious spiritual problem, one that is not recognized or talked about in counseling. It’s either one or both parties are in spiritual crisis.  One might ask, how are marital problems stem from spiritual problem? Here is the answer, when we are submitted to Christ and are guided by his words, when our lives are shaped by them, when our hearts are Christlike, everything about us will be different. It will affect what we do and how we react to what happens to us. If our spouses cant trust us, there is a spiritual problem. If we can’t trust ourselves there is a spiritual problem…if we are not honest, there is a spiritual problem. If we are not submissive to each other we have a major spiritual problem. It doesn’t matter how strong we feel in our faith…if we don’t know how to speak to, react to, or control ourselves: there is a real spiritual problem.

By now you get where I am going.

Then there is our pride and ego that continue to destroy us slowly… Do you know why we don’t submit? It hurts our ego and our pride. We believe if we submit (male, or female) we will be taken advantage of, or will appear stupid or soft. I could go on and on but I would like to generate a discussion to see if we can help ourselves become more like Christ and act more like him.

I wouldn’t even touch the unforgiveness issue because that is one of the greatest monsters in our lives. Even though we are constantly before the Lord beseeching him for mercy, we exhibit little for those in our lives, and in the church. By the way, when the family malfunctions it grossly affects the church, and the kingdom of God.

It’s no wonder the church is not impacting the world as it should.The light is dim, and in some places gone out. When the divorce rate in the church is equal to, or surpasses that of the world you realize we are in an epidemic.

What’s your thought?

About the Author: My name is Orville and I am a born again Christian who came to know the Lord since July 1972. I am married for 34 years, have three children 22-32 years old. I have been pastoring since 1988... I pastored in Jamaica for five years, pastor and district overseer for St. Vincent, and St. Lucia for three years, and I am pastoring now in the United States for seventeen years. I have a Bachelor of Divinity degree, Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, and Master of Art is Psychology and Christian Counseling... I also have a unit in CPE Clinical Pastoral Education. I love the Lord and simply want to share my thoughts and encouragement with as much people as the Lord will bring into my path. I pastor in the Church of God of Prophecy which is 109 years old and in 125 countries around the world.  You can find me on the web at