England is post-Christian. This is what that means:

My wife needed help.She is in England. It is an increasingly secular, post-Christian culture. Some call this progress but the country has lost its way. There is a prevalent attitude of aggressive self-centredness. People want to be great but think this comes by getting one over on you. There is a desire to ‘win’ in every interaction. This often manifests as giving you the poorest service they can get away with. People do not want to help her. Helping is giving without getting something in return. They see it as losing. People see her as a problem to be palmed off. Even when it’s their job, they want to find an excuse to wheedle out of helping her. They resent serving. Fool Britannia.

In Roman times a soldier could commandeer any citizen to carry something for him. The obligation was for one mile only, and then the citizen was released. Released, but annoyed and resentful. So how’s this for an idea – when you’re released, you carry it another mile. Now you’re not doing it out of compulsion but on your own terms. No longer a slave, but master of your own destiny. That second mile is all yours. You put it down when you want to and walk back with your head held high. No resentment or bitterness. Your strength and character undeniably demonstrated. In other words, you win. It’s where the phrase “going the extra mile” comes from. And it works. It was Jesus who came up with that idea, and He knew what He was talking about. Go the extra mile.

My name is Mark and I've been a blogger for nearly 3 weeks. Just 7 posts so far and one in my head. I gave my heart to the Lord in November 1996 and I still disappoint Him. And occasionally delight Him. I'm writing the blog as inspiration comes in and I'm not sure where it will go... but I hope it goes somewhere. I would love to have your comments!