Don't Get Trapped in the Present

Last night, my husband and I went out to eat.   I live in Texas and we live in a farming community.  As we were coming back from the city, my husband said, "Look at that goose in that trailer."  What was odd about it was the fact it was a cattle trailer and it had a single goose in it.  The trailer had a wide opening at the top.  The goose at any moment could have flown out of the top to freedom.  I told my husband to speed up and let me look to see if the goose was tied up or encumbered in any way in  the trailer.  As we got even with the trailer there was a cage that had three sides but was missing the fourth so there was an "out" for it.  It wasn't tied up by anything.  The goose could easily have gotten away.  What kept that goose from flying to its freedom?  It could only see what was in front of it.  It never looked up.  It had no idea it did not have to live imprisoned. I began to think about this.  So many times it seems as though the current circumstances of our lives are never ending.  It seems as though it has been this way for so long why even expect a change.  I read somewhere today, the one thing you can be sure of is change!  Many times people see change as a negative thing, but change can be for the better!  Your attitude determines your altitude is a quote from Joyce Meyer and it is so true.  Had that goose just looked up a little it could have seen freedom  was a matter of about five feet away!  So close, yet not realized because all it could see was the immediate.  That is where we go wrong many times!  We think the present will be the future, too!  We think of the past and magnify all the negative experiences and think, "This has been my life, why expect anything  different? "Because God has a plan!  Jeremiah 29:11 Amplified Bible  says, "11 For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome."

That is God's will for our lives!  We need to look up and stop looking at just what is happening in the present.  This moment is temporary!  Look up in your attitude.  Be positive in faith!  Know God's plan holds mighty promises!  They may only be "feet" away!  Don't miss it by looking down on yourself or your present situation, or even your past!

Remember when God gave the rainbow as a promise to Noah and the future generations to come He would never flood the earth again?  Was the rainbow on the ground?  Was it directly in front of him?  No, it was in the sky, a place we all have to look up to see!  Look up, because that is where God plans for you to go!

Blessings to you, dear reader!  I hope this daily devotional was a spiritual encouragement for you!  See you soon!

About the Author: My name is Juliana. I began blogging after my mother’s open heart surgery to repair a heart valve and to stop atrial fiberlation.  I didn’t have enough room to post everything on Facebook so I researched “How to blog” and, voila’ here I am.  I am so thankful to God that my mother pulled through and feels better than I have seen her feel in many years!  One night as I thought about this I just felt compelled to write it down.  The next thing I know I am blogging daily!  I have a wonderful husband, and  two grown children.  My son just graduated from RHEMA BIBLE INSTITUTE in Broken Arrow, OK with his degree in Pastoral Ministry and my daughter graduated from Texas A&M in December of 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences (cum laude).  She is in the process of applying to medical schools and I would appreciate your prayers in this area!  I have a Chihuahua named Gracie who I love as though she were a human child!  She is one of my greatest blessings!  I write a great deal about her!  I live in Texas and I am a retired school teacher, although you can’t tell it from the mechanics of my writing!  Thank you for your patience with me there.  What you don’t use, you lose! I love the edit button on this thing!  Thank God it is coming back, but more slowly than what I like!  I love to encourage people!!  I love to see people happy and to make them laugh.  My husband calls me Lucy Ricardo!  I have to admit I am rather clumsy and the weirdest things happen to me!  Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.   My daughter said nobody would believe it, but she can swear to it that every “experience” is true.  They have been her life!  I am truly appreciative of all who read my blog!  I know in this busy life your time is truly precious!   I wish you every blessing, my dear reader!