Do You Know God?

How do you know you know God?

Have you seen Him or heard His voice?

Would you know Him if He appeared

You would, if HE was your choice.

You have either accepted Him,

Or you have chosen the worlds and its ways.

You can not have both the world and God.

You need to decide today.

The world is not your answer, It will take your life away.

It will turn you from a life with God,

As you forget to pray.

God is your only answer,

To get your problems solved.

God will turn your life around,

When your relationship with Him, is resolved.

Do not wait any longer,

Turn to God and say,

Forgive me Jesus and show me,

What I need to do today.

This is just the beginning,

His Word will do the rest.

When you learn to speak His Word,

You will know you are blessed.

Brady C. Ervin


My name is Brady C. Ervin, I was born in Covington, Tennessee; raised in North Little Rock, Arkansas, and have lived in Heber Springs, Arkansas, since 1977. I am self employed and live with my wife of 47 years, Ginger, and my grandson, Dustin. We have two daughters, Gwen Ervin-McLarty (Kelly) and Tonya (deceased). I am a part time tree farmer and a sportsman.

I have a weekly poem in our local newspaper, The Sun-Times, my poems have run for 88 weeks. I also have a blog with them and several of their sisters newspaper. I also have blogs with the Patch Network. I have self published a book, “A Potpourri of Thoughts in Rhyme: From a Christian Point of View.”