Hello Lovely Ladies! I hope this devotional inspires you to be the BEST YOU possible! Do you ever notice the things about ourselves we hate AND make so LARGE are more than likely unnoticed by everyone else? It’s true! You know…your “so called” big ears, that gap between your teeth, or that blemish you think everyone can see miles away? Sounds funny right…because it is!

When someone comes along who we THINK (and I do emphasize the word think) is better looking, or more talented than we are – those insecurities we have tend to magnify themselves. It’s the enemy’s job to make us feel unqualified and inferior to others; when in fact we’re made in the image and likeness of God Himself.

Instead of wishing you had the physical attributes or the spiritual abilities of someone else, ask the Holy Spirit to help you discover your OWN gifts and talents and hone them! When we start comparing ourselves to others and letting our insecurities rear their ugly heads, we sell God and ourselves short, when in fact, 2 Corinthians 10:12 teaches us that it's UNWISE to compare ourselves to anyone! Anything that is unwise is considered foolish, immature and ridiculous!

Think about it...if God made US in His image and likeness, then obviously He knew what He was doing, right? This is exactly what the enemy uses to get us off course and make us lose focus; when that happens, it opens the door to Satan and all he has to offer.

I'm a firm believer that we would do ourselves a BIG FAVOR, if we spent as much time on improving ourselves as we do on trying to be like someone else. We all have inadequacies and we may not be the BEST at everything, but what we are GOOD at; we should do it to the best of our ability! God has told us in His Word that we ARE fearfully and wonderfully made!

Do yourselves a BIG favor ladies…do YOU well, because there’s no one else on this earth who can! ;-))

About the Author: Hi, my name is Michell. I've been married to my husband Todd, a pastor, for over 23 years. We have three children, who we adore! I established the "Women of Excellence" ministry in our church over 15 years ago and my passion is encouraging and motivating people(especially women), every chance I get. Prowess and Pearls was written with the intent to inspire, motivate AND challenge women..."To do YOU well"! ;-)) You can find me on the web at